Monday, August 15, 2011

A Monday Funny: From Dad

You may have read the texts from my mother.

And the emails...

But I have gotta tell you,

my dad is even more tech savvy than mom.

He uses instant messenger.

And email.

And texts.

On a regular basis.

He aslo surfs blogs.

Mostly cycling blogs.

Thankfully, he came across this gem of a blog...and forwarded it along to me with the following message,
since he and I will be biking in Barcelona two weeks from today.

PS Mug Swappers - Don't forget, make sure you mail them before August 23rd!


  1. That was FUNNY!! You dad sounds awesome!

  2. so jealous... i want to bike in barcelona! My dad has an iphone and he taught me how to play words with friend over the weekend! LOL.
    prnts r grt!

  3. your dad has always been one of my faves because he always helps me with bike related things, but he just made permanent status with that quote. i expect your best, most stylish outfit next we bike, my friend!

  4. i love bruce. and instant messenger?? wow. impressive.

  5. Awwwww.... What a sweetie! And how awesome is that that he's concerned about you guys looking good?

  6. Your dad cracks me up. Thanks for sharing that great quote friend. Can't wait to see your Barcelona approved cycle outfit!

  7. there is not one thing that i don't love about this post. HILARIOUS.
    and i am stoked about going mug shopping!


  8. Your mom and dad are pretty much the cutest.
    I can't wait to see your cycle chic wear.


  9. hey, my cycle-ogist friend!

    your dad is awesome. you are cycling in barcelona in 2 weeks!!?!!? WOW!!!

    michael and i worked at a cycling event a few years ago~ the whitney classic. they ride from death valley to mt. whitney (lowest spot in america to the highest) to raise $ for summit adventure (outdoor adventure christian organization many friends of ours work with).
    i wear the t-shirt. it makes me look athletic.