Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 on 10: August 2011 - Longest Day Ever Edition

Good Evening from the 10th.
It's been a lonnnnnnnng day.

Mostly because this geriatric woman was out WAY too late hanging out with these chicas.

Another regular workday in the life of the Cuppa...but I tried to find the spice.

Started out with my two cuppas. Iced and Hot.

Got to work. And remembered my red voicemail light had been on.
Since Thursday.
I hate checking voicemail.
I hate that little red light.

Remember I said I was tired.
I opted for coffee this morning.
The real stuff.
Usually we make decaf in the office.
And by we, I mean someone else does.
I just drink it.
Today I pulled out the big guns.
I also switched up my pineapple Chobani for peach.
I missed my pineapple. 
It's totally worth the 20 extra calories.

Please note the red light.
I'll get to you later.

On my way out the door I glanced at the calendar.
Yeah, so what if I just got back from vacation two days ago.
I'm ready for another.

At lunch time the little one heard me coming first.
Then the big one joined her.
They are my daily lunch time welcome wagon.

After I ate shared my lunch, I decided to spend the rest of the time playing with the manual settings on my big girl camera. I need to get better about it. 
Thankfully, one of the models was available.

The other one was on her day off.
Please note.
My dad surfs the internet all day.
But basically just looks at bicycles.
He is very manly.
And secure about having a fluffy lap dog as an accessory.

My desk was no longer the red light district.
It wasn't even that bad.
Just two messages.
Done. And done.

After work I had a quick dinner in my car before ladies CommUNITY group.
I multi-tasked, and addressed shower invites for this girl.
Here is a little sneak peek.
I am really excited to share all of the details.
But you'll just have to wait.

She won't be a Miss for long!

Ladies night happens at Grandmum's.
Back to our roots.
Where Hope Church met for a year.
It feels like home when we are there.

And speaking of home.
Thirteen hours later.
I am back.
Working on my post.
And sipping my final cuppa.
In a Hello Kitty mug of course.

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  1. I HATE the red light on my work phone too. I am eternally grateful that it doesn't flash at me, but I also despise the red light. I am forever and always an email girl.

    I would like to know how on Earth you were able to return to work after seeing that puppy face during lunchtime? That cutie pie would have to come to work with me!

  2. that's 20% of why i quit work. the phones. ironic, right? but at least i have no voicemail now. cute shot of gmums house. excellent lighting. love the flag. screams americana. i'm tired. goodbye.

  3. Forgot about the red light when I used to teach. UGH. I love that you go home for lunch to see your doggies.

  4. i was a receptionist/operator once for a HUGE appraisal firm. my switchboard always scared me when i came back from lunch. the red light always meant like forty messages. blech.

    love your hello kitty mug. patrick put my engagement ring in a hello kitty grab bag for me to find! sanrio is my fave. for life.


  5. 1. I hate checking voicemails too. And answering my work phone at all...but even worse is having to make a call.

    2. peach is FAR better than pineapple. The pineapple chobani tastes like throw up to me...

    3. Decaf is considered the worst of all curse words in my office.

  6. Oh how I loathe voicemail and the poor people rarely get a call back lol. Thus why my voicemail message now says text me or leave a message. Too bad you can't do that with work.

  7. oh girl, I had that same phone when I was working and that pesky red light KILLED ME! :)

  8. I despise checking voicemail too! UGHHHHH! Adorable pups! :)

  9. ugg...voicemail is the worst! i would have avoided it also!

  10. i like voicemail. i hate texting. no one calls anymore. i like hearing people's voices.

    i love vacation, and hate 2 days after vacation (and 2 weeks after vacation).

    did you listen to your song yet?

  11. Kim, had a terrible red light experience, confiscated cell phone, angry parent, calm collected principal, bad news for me... I'm scared for life. I put a post it over my red light while I'm teaching because I can't take the distraction.
    Moving on...
    Love that your dad serfs the net for bike info... are there biker blogs? We need to look into that...
    I'm looking forward to Sunday... you up for a new bike in town? :)
    Great 10 on 10 lady!!

  12. When I returned to work this week from summer vacation, I had a message from a student from the last day of school. Whoopsie!

  13. That picture of your dad cracks me up.
    I don't know who looks comfier.


  14. I love Hello Kitty, what a cute mug! I still haven't set up the voicemail on my new phone bc I hate checking messages!

  15. geriatric woman + red light district in one post = you are my favorite person. seriously that is a gift to swindle into a post.