Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Thankful For...The In Between Moments

A lot of this little blog chronicles all the things I get to go, see, and do.
And those things are wonderful. I often find myself anxiously awaiting the next adventure.

But, there is also so much adventure to be found in the in between. 

This girl is simple. 
She loves a day at the beach, but she also loves treats in the kitchen.
She loves 12pm every day when I show up to hang out with feed her. 

This pup has had some health issues lately. 
A few scary seizures that came out of nowhere.
Sweet Ashy was so concerned about Chloe.
It was precious to see her gentleness shine through as she cared for Chloe.

 And then there's these people.
Who love Christ in word and in deed.
Truly living out "a heart of love and a life of service". 
Even in something as simple as filling mugs with candy. 
And eggs, so many eggs.

The happiest note from a friend. 

Sunshiney Sundays on the lawn. 

Catching beauty in the place that I live.

And you know, just having fun for the sake of having fun.

Looking over all of this, I know God has given me much. 
Mostly, and most importantly, he has given me His Son.
All of these wonderful things pale in comparison to the redemption and grace I experience in Him every day.
I know that these things are temporal, and anxiously await the day of being with Him for eternity.
Where the adventures and joys will be far greater than I could even imagine.
I can't wait.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Love.

Long time, no blog.
Like REALLLLY long time.
But I'm here. 
I've been gone. 
But I'm here again. 
With a few fun tales to tell.

Starting with this one.

The BFF had her baby.
And he is the sweetest thing since sliced bread pie.
He's a happy little fellow.

A gentleman, really. 
A few tickles on his ears and he will give you his best smile.
But really, he is just pleasant as pie any time he is being held.

He is also a rockstar at tummy time.

And Mama Julie, she is awesome.

I think that was my favorite part of the weekend.
Seeing my twenty-plus year friend in a whole new role.
And being amazing at it.

And dad is incredible too.

I think baby lucked out with the best mommy and daddy in the world.

Julie & Dave were the hosts with the mosts.
Well, except for doors, they didn't have those.
(but hey, who needs doors....right? privacy is overrated)

Between naps and feedings, for all of us, 
we hit the town.
The three girls and little man.

One of us is not a fan of carseats.
I know little guy, I know.

But we made it safely.
And there was plenty of produce and delicious foods to go around.
Also, I have said it once, and I'll say it again, I LOVE farmers markets.
(warning: farmers market photo bomb

Those last ones are watermelon radishes.

This farmer's market was one of the best I have been to.
Huge variety of common and uncommon fruits and veggies. 
If I lived there, I'd go every weekend.

Baby took a nap and we got some good friendsie times in.
Shopping and Shave Ice.

While daddy built and decorated the crib.
I mean, how cute, right?
(Julie and I played hundreds of hours of Mario Brothers as kids.)

And we ended the night in style.
Kale Chips & Emma.
Nothing says you've grown up than leafy greens and the grown up version of Clueless.
If our 14 year old selves could see us now.
We were pretty nerdy.
So we'd probably be proud.

And this guy, well, I took home his smile in my heart.
Like a little souvenir. 

And these girls,
we keep making new memories,
as the years go by.
And we let a little one into our fold.
He's alright.

Thanks again to our incredible hosts with the mosts, and no doors.
(like literally, not one single door, but it's cool, "open concept" has new meaning)
Can't wait to visit you guys, and your new doors, again soon.

And to this little guy, rest up, your Auntie wants to adventure with you again.

Monday, March 11, 2013

PinterTest Kitchen: Molten Chocolate Cakes

This month I was slacking a bit on my Pintertesting...
Here's one of my problems, if I bake something too delicious I end up eating it all.

So I told Jessica I was bringing my testing over to her kitchen.
Because what is more official than using the official kitchen of the Pintertest kitchen.

Here is my other problem, My Fitness Pal doesn't exactly love a lot of my pins.
So I went hunting for something slightly healthy, but still totally delicious. 
And I think I found something that my Pal would approve of in this recipe.

214 Calories Per Serving, YES PLEASE.

So yesterday afternoon I prepped my ingredients. 
Ziplock bags for the dry, and pyrex with a lid for the wet.

Also, I used sweetened applesauce.
And no cinnamon.
And TWO ounces of chocolate.
I probably would use THREE next time.
Call me a rebel if you must.

Have cooler, will travel.

Later that evening, my sous chef helped me prep dessert.

She also may or may not have coughed into the batter.
And licked it.
Sous chefs do what they want.
Sorry taste testers, what you didn't kill you makes you stronger.

We prepped my ramekins.
Which I was asked "how often do you use those?"
To which I replied "this is the first time."
So mental note: ramekins, suuuuuuper practical.

Also, serve with plenty of vanilla ice cream.
This wasn't enough.

Anyway, I think it was a hit.
Maybe those ramekins will be getting a little more use in the near future.

Linking up with Jessica!
PS Thanks for letting me use your kitchen, I promise I didn't break anything (this time).

Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 on 10: Sundizzle Edition

Printing Bulletins.

Walking out.

Rising Sun.

Setting Up.

Taking Notes.

Stacking Chairs.
(stacks on stacks on stacks)

Gymming It. 

Recuperating together. 

Trimming Scragglies. 

Creeping Plants.

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