Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Carmel By the Sea - Also Known As: Fake Life by the Sea.

My sister turned 28 on Monday. 
I got a last minute invite to join her in Carmel for the weekend.
How can you say no to that?
I feel like I won the lottery.
We lived a magical three days that were completely unrealistic.
Coffee, wine, steak, cheese, pastries. 
A cottage with a fireplace, in the middle of town, and walking distance to the beach. 
All things lovely and wonderful.
A nice little break from the stresses of home.

I think the gagillion pictures will easily do the rest of the talking...


  1. Ummm...your weekend looked freaking amazing. I love, love, love Carmel. Sister time is the best. Sister time in Carmel with coffee, wine, bread, cheese & pastries? HEAVEN on EARTH. Happy bday to your sister!!!

  2. You ladies are GORGEOUS! Also, I'm pretty sure I'm your long-lost sister... I should be invited next time. RUDE that I wasn't. Just so you know.

  3. So much fun! What a great birthday/sister trip! Your pictures are amazing!

  4. Thank you for this WONDERFUL visual feast for my eyes!!! Sigh...someday I will go there (add that to my bucket list!).

  5. Perfect!!! One of my all-time favorite places to relax & enjoy God's beautiful creation!! What a wonderful getaway with your sis. :)

  6. I would give anything for those pastries. This weekend looks awesome.

  7. Dude - That weekend looks amazing! I am going to join you next time. After all, I've never been to Carmel :)

  8. you two are pretty.
    the beach? eh, it's ok.
    i'm crashing for wine and cheese next time.