Saturday, August 1, 2015

The 2015 Mug Swap!

The day is finally hear, you've been waiting 365 days for it and now it's time to swap some mugs!

This year EVERYTHING about the 2015 Mug Swap can be found at:

Over there, you can sign up, find out the answers to all of your questions, and most importantly, read about Brooke and Brian Barnett, this year's sponsored Mug Swap family!

This year, it costs $5 to join the Mug Swap, all of which will be donated to Brooke and Brian's TWO upcoming adoptions!

Be sure to follow @cuppakim on Instagram for all updates, reminders, and info pertaining to #mugswap15!

Don't forget, the Mug Swap is a FUN activity, and is all about the giving - not the receiving, I ask that you find the joy in being a part of this, in the giving!

Looking forward to this awesome season of swapping mugs!!!