Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pintertest Kitchen: The Crayola Canvas

I heart color.

I used to be really big into black and white and gray.
Big, bold, silhouette prints.
I still am.

But these days I am fiending for color.

I saw the melty crayon canvas on Pinterest a while back when I first found out about Pinterest,
 and then saw that Meg did it.

So I pinned her project - right onto my color board.

So I made a quick trip to Michael's 
(which BT-dubbs, um, first Sunday after Thanksgiving, that place is BANANAS)
But I found what I needed.
And a Canvas.
Its a good thing I took a minute to think this through because I almost only bought one 64 pack.
It is 4 crayons deep.
Four packs across the canvas did not fit.
6 did.
Or two and a half 96 packs across. 
Yeah, that probably doesn't make sense.
But if you ever do this project, it will.

So one 96 pack would be more than enough.
Okay, vague math lesson over.

Super easy project. 
While my glue gun heated, I organized my crayons.

Once they were in order (which was the hardest part)
I started gluing.
Which was the easiest and funnest part.

Also, I have a very powerful blow dryer.
It started splattering like crazy.
Enter scrap paper below the canvas, and all over the floor.
Kind of torn between putting the blow dryer close to the canvas where it would get the most heat
but also the most splatter,
or keeping it farther back, but not seeing as much crayon meltiness. 
I went with the former.
Splatter away.
Which you KNOW what that means.

Blow dryer covered in wax?
Should have expected that. 
Oh well.

In the end, I think it turned out FABULOUSLY.
And there is only a little bit of splattered wax on my cabinets and carpet.
But it totally blends in with the hot glue I dripped on the carpet last week.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Family Thanksgiving(s)

This year, and last, my family celebrated Thanksgiving twice.
Because, why not?
On real Thanksgiving, we had dinner at my sister's mother in law's.
Or as I like to say, my mother-in-law-in-law's.

She hosts a lovely Thanksgiving.
And my sister's sister-in-law Heather (aka my sister-in-law-in-law, you follow?)
was home from college,
and she set and decorated the table.
My dad got an extra special place setting.

The moms chat it up in the kitchen.

My MILIL makes the most amazing Potato Bread.
I've been looking forward to it since last Thanksgiving.
Third helpings consumed.

There was also plenty of Heather, aka SILIL to go around.
She even made a drink menu.
Huge selection.
I went with blood orange italian soda.

They also have a cat.
I do not like cats.
At all.
My allergies do not like cats.
At all.
But...huge but,
Henry aka SparkleCat, is not your typical cat.
And makes for some seriously awesome holiday entertainment.

He enjoys the bag.
And I can carry him around like a baby.
Without getting any cat dander on me.
Allergy win.

I also took him for a spin after dinner.

I promise you he liked it.
He went back to the bag for more torture attention shortly after.

Also after dinner, there was some InstaGramming.
And a sister who was hating on my InstaGramming, 
by InstaGramming pics of me InstaGramming.
(Still with me?)
But, um, hello, back atcha sis:

And then there was some Facetiming. From across the room.

Family fun, right?

My mom also likes to cook her own Thanksgiving dinner so she can have leftovers all week.
And by cook her own, I mean, have my dad cook a full meal for her.

However, their microwave died this week.
Which is not convenient for leftovers.

Also not convenient
is the oven blowing a fuse.
We blow a fuse EVERY holiday we cook.

Although, this was the first time that it was just the oven.
Usually its the entire kitchen circuit.

Mylie took over on watching the oven for blown circuits.
She had it all under control.

The good news is, I voted this the best Thanksgiving dinner my dad ever cooked.
Everything tasted SO GOOD.

Mom liked it too.

And after working hard all day,
 Dad tried to eat his dinner in peace.
Key word: TRIED.

I also had a Pumpkin Pie Throwdown.
With myself.
I used the Trader Joe's Pie Pumpkin recipe. (Made with Condensed Milk)
The Libby's Canned Pumpkin recipe. (Made with Evaporated Milk)

But for both, I used freshly roasted pumpkin.
Homemade crusts.
And homemade pumpkin pie spice.

Mom and Dad were MORE than happy to be taste testers.
I thought for sure the Libby's recipe would win.

In the end, the TJ's recipe was the winner.

But with two turkey dinners on our belts. 
Everybody won.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Cari & Jordan: The Wedding (Part 2) & the Not-So-Insta-Flight-Home

You want more wedding?
I hope you said yes. 
Because there wasn't really a choice.
But this post will wrap it up!
We dropped of the beautiful, blushing bride.
To her nervous, excited, and ecstatic groom.
They had their official "first look" photoshoot.
With the super-fab photographers.
I tried really hard not to be the super annoying girl with a camera standing behind the professionals.
So I stood behind a tree.
And a car. 
Way less annoying, right?
We rode around LA, stopping at the Biltmore, Union Station, and Elysian Park.
The bride and groom made us pose in front of Dodger stadium.
I believe 50% of the wedding party wanted to boycott.
But the groom has groom-power.
And he used it.
Even though I smiled.
I was really grimacing on the inside.
(Roll Giants).
Jenny the wife-tographer rode around with us.
She was fun!

A stop back at the Biltmore for formal family photos.
A quick freshening up.
Prayer with their Pastor, Tim Chaddick,
and it was time to get these two fools married.

You know how everyone says their favorite part of the ceremony 
is watching the groom's face as his bride first appears?
That's my second favorite.

My first favorite?
The moment the pastor introduces for the first time Mr & Mrs, 
and the couple turns to their friends and family,
with gigantic, huge, brilliant smiles,
and the bride fist pumps her bouquet into the air.
THAT is my favorite wedding moment.
Props to my sister for knowing this, and being sure to get that shot.
 One of the perks of being in the bridal party?
Access to the bride and groom.
The San Mateo crew got a few minutes with the lovely couple before the reception began!
Look at these beautiful people.
Welcome to our San Mateo family Jordan.
Cari & Jordan are both teachers.
The wedding venue was the Los Angeles Library.
Invitations were old timey check out cards.
The envelopes were lined with pages from old books. 
The program included another library check out card,
and personalized pencil favor, 
to leave as "guest book" wishes for the Mr & Mrs
inside card catalog drawers.
And, what is a wedding without a photobooth.
Bridal Party Perk: Hijacking it.
I love me a good photobooth.
And I love me some photobooth props.
Old lady wig.
Statue of Liberty Crown & Torch.
English Bobby Hat.
Fake Cigarettes.
Hipster Glasses.
I love it all.
My friends are good sports.
I love weddings.  
As much as I joke that I'm going into wedding retirement in 2012, 
I really love being a part of the most important day of someone's life.
After all, one of my spiritual gifts is being bossy.
I love telling people what to do, where to be, and what to remember -
all on behalf of the bride & groom of course.
When I say that it was an honor to stand up there next to Cari and Jordan that is no joke.
During the ceremony I was just in awe of how far the 14 year old girl in a fuzzy purple hat has come.
The girl who was crushing on Jordan from hundreds of miles away.
Will now be by his side, serving the Lord they love, for the rest of their lives.
It has been an honor to have a front row seat for that.
And for the exchanging of their vows.
Their commitment and covenant.

After a fantastic and delicious brunch the following morning, hosted by the mother of the bride,
it was time to return to the 650.
I think LA liked us a bit too much.
And didn't want to let us leave.
Pouring rain meant, delayed flights and hanging out at a very leaky LAX.
Going through their super weird security set up.
Eating soft serve McDonalds cones.
And trying to catch the 49er game in a city with a very confused football identity. 
But like most things in LA, VIP treatment is plentiful.
And we got to take a sweet ride on Southwest's Lone Star One.
Pulled by a California trailer.
When LoneStar One landed in San Francisco,
the flight attendant neighed.
Um, yeah.
"Whoaaaaaaa......big boy!!!"
I think we brought a little Texas home with us.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011


This morning I am thankful for:

A Savior who allows me another day, to get up early and serve His people, even by making crappy coffee, in His name.

A pastor who joyfully leads and guides his flock in practically serving others, including washing out a nasty container of curdled horchata.

The body of Christ, thankful for His grace, who is eager to bestow some of that grace upon others, even as simply as cooking Pillsbury Biscuits.

Friends who seek out the dirty jobs like cleaning out expired food, mopping up turkey guts, and jump at the chance to joyfully do them.

The opportunity to prepare, and serve a hot meal to some hungry men - as well as eat along side them, hear a piece of their story, and get some good football advice and financial wisdom.

Not to us, 
but to 
be the Glory.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twenty Questions: A Guest Post

Hi Friends.
Good Morning!
Today I'm guest posting over at another Kimberlee's place.
(yep, we spell our names the same way).
Kim from Enough Faith For Today asked me to share a little bit about myself.
Some of it you probably know.
Some you may not.
Hop on over and see what I had to say.
And be sure to check out her little corner of the internet and say hello while you're there!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cari & Jordan: The Wedding (Part 1)

What a weekend.
It was crazy, jam-packed, fast paced, beautiful, magical, and so many other good descriptive words.
I definitely took my fair share of pictures.
Enough that I think I need to break up my posts. 
So for now, let's start with the pre-wedding events up to the Bride and Groom's first look.

Betsy, Cari & I had a good old fashioned snuggle fest on Thursday night at Cari and Jordan's future home.
These girls know how to snuggle.
We had a fun time staying up way too late. 
Telling way too many stories.
Talking about the periodic table of elements.
Using a theraputic salt rock light.
And experiencing the "Urban Africa" shower.
Although, I think it is more of a "Rainforest Cafe" shower.
I had been warned.
Words cannot describe it.
I didn't think there was such thing as too much water pressure.
I was so very, very wrong.
I'm just glad to be back to my simple shower.

Anyway, Cari has already set up her "girly space" in their future bedroom.
Complete with the vintage handkerchief from her Vintage Bridal Shower.

In the morning, we packed up everything for the wedding and honeymoon.
And headed out.
For breakfast at Coffee Bean.
Followed by meeting up with Cari's mom and Aunt for a Mani/Pedi sesh.
Shellac mani's all around!
(Once you go shellac, you never go back)

We got checked into our room at the blinging Marriott.
Got settled in.
Glammed up.
And headed out for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Please note the amazing view.

We hit the streets of LA, and walked over to the Los Angeles Public Library.
An amazing building in the heart of LA where the wedding would be held.
Cari and Jordan definitely picked an incredible venue, with so much character.
Location, location, location.

We rehearsed.
 And then we headed out for some pre-wedding carbo-loading.
Tortilla chips abounded at El Cholo.
After dinner, the bridal party headed out on the town.
We ended up at Cari and Jordan's friends' apartment.
You're gonna want to click that link.
I felt like I had walked into a living Anthropologie display.
After making several attempts to find a place to hang out, we ended up at an Irish Pub.
Where a local band was playing.
I really hope they are going places.
And by places, I mean far away from me and my ear drums.
Way too loud.

The Marriott girls woke up bright and early and took a little walk down the street to Starbucks.
We breakfasted on some delicious oatmeal.
And got well hydrated.
Don't wait to hydrate.
Especially on your wedding day.
Do you see that cute sign?
It's like it knew Cari would be coming in.

After a breakfast full of giggles and hilarious stories,
we headed back to the hotel and it was game time.
The makeup artist arrived.
And Cari's beautiful friend Jen did our hair.
Her amazing friend Christa came by with a steamer, and took care of all of our dresses.
It was a fun, and surprisingly relaxing morning of getting our glam on.

Once Cari was ready, we were able to spend a few moments 
laying hands on her and praying with and for her.
It truly was a special time of lifting up Cari and Jordan before the Lord, 
as they approached the most important day of their lives. 
It was a privilege and honor to be there that day, 
and also to support them in their obedience and love for Christ.
After tissues were passed out, and tears were dabbed, not wiped, 
it was time to take the bride to meet her groom.

Another post is in the works with a few peeks at their first look,
the ceremony and reception!!!