Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 on 10: Power Play Edition

Day started discovering I left my groceries out overnight.

And a reminder of yesterday's not so awesome event.

But a gorgeous sky on my way into work was a lovely treat.

Lunch time with my favorite two tots.
They really do make my week.

Cran-Cherry Limeade
White Cran Peach
and now
Blueberry Lemonade
Tastes like Skittles

Headed to the Shark Tank

Power plays are my favorite.
They are their favorite too.

Hey Song!
Hey Song!
Hey Song!
HEY SONG!!!!!!

No work tomorrow means somebody gets to sleepover.

A good way to end the day.
And week.
Tomorrow is a holiday.
Can I get a holler?

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  1. Wait you got hit? That is #lame. Extremely lame.

  2. You get Veterans Day off?? Man...the board of my company announced a couple months ago that I was to change the paid holiday policy so that the day after Thanksgiving was no longer a paid holiday. I was so NOT happy. I'm trying to not think about not being in NY for Thanksgiving. And boo on the sad car! Such a strange spot!

  3. bummer about your car, but you are okay. you are okay that is good. very good.

    we were hit by a deer a few weeks ago. i don't think the deer is okay.

    happy veteran's day.

  4. I just left a bag of groceries (with raw chicken!) in my car overnight a few weeks ago. So gross. So disappointing!!

  5. blerg? hilarious.
    and sorry about your car sad. ouch.

    cute kiddos!
    happy weekend! xo

  6. This post was adorable and made me smile the WHOLE way through!!!

  7. Bummer about the car. I left some groceries out once. Not only was that a waste of money, but to have to go shopping again?! Meh. I wish we had hockey were I live. I support the Vancouver canucks by proxy... (husband's from there.) I see your guys play them on the 26th...