Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PinterTest Kitchen: Triple Craft

Pinterest has definitely bitten me with the crafty bug.
Except I feel like I have no time to execute.

Plenty of time to pin.
But not enough time to warm up that glue gun, bust out the exacto knife, or cut out googly eyes.

But a few Sundays ago, my house was clean.
My meals for the week were prepped.
And I had a few hours to myself.

So I started with the craft that seemed the most foolproof.
Because I am one crafting fool.

Anyway, Washi Tape Pumpkins:

And here are mine:

I vote total success.
Off to a good start.

Next I decided to go out on a limb, and try something a bit more challenging - remember last month, I made the Christmas Card Wreath? When I got the supplies for that wreath, I got supplies for this one:

And here is how mine turned out:

Even more awesome than I imagined it would!
I used my Washi Tape on the clothespins - which made decorating the pins super easy.
I also used a small wreath (6" diameter?) and mini clothespins.
Come on by for a Cuppa.
You can choose one from the Tea Wreath.

At this point my sense of accomplishment was high, and I still had a lot of time left on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
Last month's PinterTest Party, my bloggy friend Jamie PinterTested the Spooky Halloween Bunting - and it turned out AMAZING.
With all of this blogging, my scrapbooking supplies are busy collecting dust - so I took them out of retirement and made a spooky bunting of my own.


And the results of my very first bunting:


Such a fun day of being a Crafty Mc Crafterson.

Linking up with Jessica over at Keep Up With the Johnson's for November's PinterTest Kitchen:


  1. All of your project looks awesome!!!!

  2. What fun projects! I especially love that tea wreath!!

  3. Fun stuff! I really like the bunting! I bet a Christmas one would be cute in our school room!

  4. i love all of it! love it!!

    i am totally making the halloween bunting next year. it is super cute.

    the pumpkins... genius! my kids would love it. again, definitely doing it next year.

    tea wreath is great.

    way to go over achiever!!!

  5. SUPER cute, Kim! All of it! I especially love the pumpkins. Kayla would have loved that. Way cleaner than actual carving. ZERO clean-up. Why did I not see that pin???!!

    Thanks for linking up, friend! :)

  6. LOVE! I like your punkins better than the Pinterest ones! Awesome job! I am still dying to make the fall leaf garland y'all made last weekend! I really want to do that.

  7. that's a lot of crafty. Over achiever, much? haha jk. You make up for me not posting anything this month. I cooked things...but failed to take pictures.

  8. pinterest is the business and so are YOU!
    great job my friend!

  9. Ok, you are making me want to take a trip to Michael's NOW! Love all of your crafts! :)

  10. Crafty Cuppa Kim!!! All your projects look fantastic. I especially love the wreath...are those tea bags? That is genius! I am pinning it. I don't really drink tea, but maybe hot cocoa packets??? Awwww, I love that idea! And it would be cute kitchen decor, too!


  11. ummmm 3 projects? 3 projects that turned out great!?!?! thats a gold star craft weekend. craftastic job. :)

  12. I love all that you did this month! Good job, and thanks for giving me a few new things to pin :) Found you through the Johnsons list!

  13. These are SO fun!!! Love them all. The pumpkins are my fave. Way to go!!!

  14. CuppaPinStar.
    {inappropriate title to bestow?}
    But nice work. Those pumpkins are fab!


  15. The crafts came out great - love the projects you picked

  16. your pinterest "make its" turned out great! those pumpkins look fabulous.

  17. I love your cute crafts! Especially the pumpkins! I think I may do something like that with red & green ribbons on our white pumpkins to keep them around for Christmas! :)

    I just got on Pinterest this weekend. Super fun! :)