Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pintertest Kitchen: The Crayola Canvas

I heart color.

I used to be really big into black and white and gray.
Big, bold, silhouette prints.
I still am.

But these days I am fiending for color.

I saw the melty crayon canvas on Pinterest a while back when I first found out about Pinterest,
 and then saw that Meg did it.

So I pinned her project - right onto my color board.

So I made a quick trip to Michael's 
(which BT-dubbs, um, first Sunday after Thanksgiving, that place is BANANAS)
But I found what I needed.
And a Canvas.
Its a good thing I took a minute to think this through because I almost only bought one 64 pack.
It is 4 crayons deep.
Four packs across the canvas did not fit.
6 did.
Or two and a half 96 packs across. 
Yeah, that probably doesn't make sense.
But if you ever do this project, it will.

So one 96 pack would be more than enough.
Okay, vague math lesson over.

Super easy project. 
While my glue gun heated, I organized my crayons.

Once they were in order (which was the hardest part)
I started gluing.
Which was the easiest and funnest part.

Also, I have a very powerful blow dryer.
It started splattering like crazy.
Enter scrap paper below the canvas, and all over the floor.
Kind of torn between putting the blow dryer close to the canvas where it would get the most heat
but also the most splatter,
or keeping it farther back, but not seeing as much crayon meltiness. 
I went with the former.
Splatter away.
Which you KNOW what that means.

Blow dryer covered in wax?
Should have expected that. 
Oh well.

In the end, I think it turned out FABULOUSLY.
And there is only a little bit of splattered wax on my cabinets and carpet.
But it totally blends in with the hot glue I dripped on the carpet last week.

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  1. ugh, i've been wanting to try this SO BAD! looks like so much fun, love it!

  2. That is so totally AWESOME, Kim! I hereby declare this to be my next Pintertest project! I must have one in my house. Thank you for being so inspiring (and totally warning me about getting crayon wax everywhere!).

  3. wow! what a project!!

    i am trying to add more color to my life. trying. maybe not suceeding.

    my favorite crayola crayon color is macaroni & cheese. okay, it really isn't my favorite color, but i like to say it is because i think it is a funny name for a color.

    do you know how to remove wax from carpet? i do, from experience. ready: damp towel, warm iron. place the damp towel over the wax area. run the warm iron over it. this should lift the wax out of the carpet and onto the towel.

    and since i am giving you tips i have one more (which has nothing to do with anything you posted, but you'll thank me for sure)- scrubbing bubbles ( the bubbles that zoom around your tub saying, "we work hard so you don't have to") as stain remover. takes out everything! sharpie. set in oil (butter, salad dressing) stains. you're welcome.

  4. ummmm you worked that blow dryer. i would never have that patience!!

  5. KIMMMMMMM - This was gonna be my next project over winter break... looks like you've beat me to it! but none the less, i shall still try it :D love you!

  6. It is really cute! I think the wax on my carpet and everywhere else would give me a stroke. I think I'll just stick to coloring with my crayons...unless you make one of these for me. ;)

  7. this would have been a perfect for my classroom when i taught pre-school.
    go kim!

  8. super fun! i'll take one for christmas, thanks.

  9. i LOVE this... super cute.

    my kids would love doing this project. hmm.... maybe one of these days we will do this and hang it in our school room.

  10. I saw this on pinterest months ago & want to do it for Kate's rainbow birthday party. Yours turned out GREAT!

  11. Super cool fun idea, I'm gonna have to do this with my niece and nephews! thanks!

  12. this is awesome! thanks for sharing friend. definitely going to have to do this one day :)

  13. um. remember the rule that you have to give the party host all the gifts? please. and thank you. you can keep your waxy hair dryer though.

  14. I've seen this around, of course, and have an aunt that would really like this I think! I might make her something like it for Christmas! So glad to see someone actually try it out :)

  15. Not sure my last comment saved...

    I've seen this around, of course, and have an aunt that would probably really like this. I am thinking of making it for her for Christmas! Glad I have this to reference ;)

  16. Love how colorful this is! Color is definitely one of my favorite things... ;)

  17. That is so cool. Are you going to frame it? I've always wondered if I would someday find melted crayons in my clothes dryer. That would be a huge nightmare!! I like this are idea much better! :)