Friday, November 18, 2011

InstaFriday: Two Week Catch Up Edition

Last week everybody was busy Happy Day-ing around town.
It was awesome.
And amazing.
I loved it.
So there was no InstaFriday link up.
Which means this week, I've got two weeks of Instas to share.
Buckle your seatbelts we go!

Two weeks ago I headed south for Cari's Bachelorette party.

1. On my way through security on my way there, I encountered the Sonoma State Volleyball team. As an alum, I tried to chat them up. Sadly I think I just came across as weird, like the time I creeped on John Piper. Pretty standard.
2. I'm obsessed with adult sippy cups. How cute is this one? (Want to win a cute paisley one, hop over here and find out how)
3. Grow your own EDIBLE mushrooms? Uh, no thanks. Gross. To the max. SkyMall, why are you so bizarre. 
4. Before heading to Palm Springs, I stayed a night at Betsy's adorable abode - look at this super cute fall wreath on their front door. With Scrabble letters!
5. You can buy swagger at Wal-Mart. Who knew?
6.  On our way to Palm Springs I was starving. I may have eaten about half this bag of candy for lunch.
7. After Palm Springs, Betsy and I had a quick friend date, and we shared a shake. 
8. I have been flying a ton lately. No matter where in the world I am, I love sitting at the gate for an SFO bound flight. It feels like home.Those are my peeps.

Then I returned home.

1. I always bring Mylie home a souvenir. Peanuts and pretzels from the plane. She LOVES them.
2. Nothing says classy like griddle sticks for dinner. Yes pancake covered sausage. Food on a stick. WIN.
3. Apple sent me some skrilla for Snow White 1.0. Thankyouverymuch.
4. Somebody doesn't miss me as much as I miss her.

Ellen and I made the official return to our gym. 
On our 2 year gym-a-versary.
We joined together.
It's always awesome to have a gym buddy.

I had Friday off for Veteran's day.
I got a lot done.

First Mylie and I watched paint dry, and then did our quiet time.
In my cute new goth jammies.
I dropped my car off at the shop, and came home with a Swagger Wagon.
Gave Mylie a bath.
Got my craft on.
Found the dumpster find of the century.
And went on a rain walk with my dad and Mylie.
Where she essentially got washed again.
It was a crazy full day.
And I came home soaked.

Saturday started at my favorite coffee shop.
My favorite way to start a Saturday.
Followed by lunch with my mom and sis at the mall.
Including a trip through Restoration Hardware.
Giant Scrabble Board? Yes, please.
$220? No, thank you.

I was finally in town for a Glocal Sunday.
Locally focused this month.
Turkey Drive!
Over $1000 going towards food for the hungry!

A little Roy G. Biv on Sunday evening.

Immediately followed by what appeared to be the sky's own version of Roy G. Biv

God has really been outdoing himself the last few weeks.

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  1. hooooweeeee!! That's a lotta insta!! ;o)

    I'm loving the adult sippy cups too... makes drinking water way more fun.

    I'd totally digging your dumpster find!! :o)

  2. Rainbows are my favorite, looks like a fun couple of weeks.

  3. Such fun pictures! Mylie is the sweetest! :)

  4. I love a good Roy.G.Biv

    Lindsay :o)

  5. I'm blown away by your dumpster find! I always hope I'll be lucky enough to find amazing furniture thrown away in the trash! By sister-in law once got an AMAZING coffee table and desk. My husband once got a futon frame. I've yet to find anything. : (

  6. Such a fun recap of your days! ;-) Whatha gonna do with that adorable dumpster find? Hey, I just found out that we have a mutual friend ~ Melanie Arner! Now Melanie Corona, but we were neighbors for a couple years in Gilroy before we moved back to So Cal! Such a small world!

  7. griddle sticks??? I learn something new eery day! love you

  8. you really have a gift, your instas are always so dang COOL.
    love the roy g. pic ;)

  9. every single time you reference the JP episode i crack up. ALOT.

  10. awesome! I love the two week edition!!! extra fun!