Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bridal Shower Goes South

If you've been around A Cuppa Kim the last few months, you know that I have had some bridal activities going on. I was honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid for my sweet friend Cari in her upcoming wedding.

Cari is a NorCal girl, living in a SoCal world. 

I co-hosted a bridal shower with Betsy and Jessica a little over a month ago. We hosted the Northies. 

Betsy, the maid of honor, who lives in SoCal, hosted another shower a few weekends ago for the Southies. 

She basically did a TON of work for my shower, and then again for her HERS. She is a beast like that.
Her awesome recap is HERE.

She loves Cari and has a huge, creative and ambitious heart.
Combining all of that means a million thoughtful details.

And she didn't even have a pinterest account! (I. KNOW. Good news, she has one NOW.)

Upper left you have a fall decorated mantel with handmade "bowl fillers". 
Upper right are handmade vases - color coordinated to the teal and red theme of the shower.
Bottom left are the clock cookie favors - did I mention, the theme of the shower, Around the Clock.
And last are Almond Cupcakes (which were SO. GOOD.) and cute little labels for each "meal" throughout the day (she planned the food to go with the Around the Clock theme!)

She also made the most amazing chicken wings (and I don't even really like chicken wings), Whoopie Pies,  Noir Bars (to die for, and so bad for you that they may actually kill you), fruit and veggie plates, cucumber tea sandwiches, my brie, mini quiches, and a few other little finger foods. 

Cari gets married THIS Saturday, and I am beyond excited to stand by her side as she says I DO to the love of her life.

Did you, or will you give to the Wounded Warrior Project this week? Please hop over here and let me know - As a part of the Happy Day Project I'm giving away a few goodies that support WWP - just leave a comment and you are entered to win!


  1. "betsy" MUST mean "beast" in english. i mean, MUST!

  2. gurl, you and Betsy know how to throw a party! It looks like it was an amazing time.

  3. How fun! Love the pretty layout!

  4. couldn't have done it without you my friend! seriously, the baked brie makes every party. and i don't know WHAT i was doing without pinterest. Seriously, my life is now complete.

  5. cute shower. i love the colorful whoopie pies.

    you know i am in love with cari's turquoise strapless dress. adorbs!

  6. Wow wow! What lovely decor!!

    Are you from NorCal? Or SoCal? Or Any Cal?