Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Day at the Beach...Chalet!

Last week it was my mom's birthday.
And I played hooky took a vacation day from work.
My sister also had the day off, so we made it a family day in San Francisco.

We had lunch at the Beach Chalet.
Which is right at the Nike Women's Marathon Finish Line.
It was much more fun to go back and eat, not having just wogged 13.1 miles.
(Yep, still talking about it).

I tried to make the next bunch of pics into collages, but on the apps I tried, 
and even on Picnik, they kept rotating.
Because they are annoying like that.

We also dined with this guy painting the window next to us.
Slightly awkward.
Just slightly.

But my dad got his favorite dessert ever, bread pudding.
And this wasn't just any bread pudding, butterscotch bread pudding.
If you can't tell, he liked it.

Why did the seagull cross the road Great Highway?

Finished the 1/2 Marathon right at this spot!

Good question, right?
Probably to get to Ocean Beach. 
Which is basically why we did.

I don't think there is any day more beautiful than an October day in San Francisco.
It's one of its best kept secrets.
Clear. Warm. Sunny.
We got it all.

We were headed to the Legion of Honor Museum.
But my sister made a comment that it was too beautiful to be inside.
So we dilly-dallied around outside the museum.

Because, who needs a museum when you can see things like this.
And take 23853 family photos self portrait style with it as your backdrop.

And put your toes in a fountain like this:
Might be against the rules.
And someone traipsed through the trees like she was channeling her inner Bella Swan

Looking for anyone who glitters.

And yeah, we explored the exterior of the museum a bit.
And I have a feeling it brought out my inner artsiness.
Because check out these beauties:

My goal in life is to be the Ansel Adams of InstaGram.
Yep. Mission accomplished right there.

The Legion of Honor is home to  a casting of Rodin's, The Thinker.
He may look familiar.
When I was in my hippy dippy no grades and no tests special college program,
I had to visit this statue on a homework assignment.

These two weren't so keen on the museum explorations.

But, it made my mom's day to discover the "Ionian Columns"
Which match the column charm she got herself in Greece.
As weird as it was that she noticed that,
she was actually kinda right.

Afterwards, I begged my parents to take a quick drive by Fort Miley
(which I never knew existed)
Cause my pupster's name is Mylie (not Cyrus, but close, right?)

The good news is, it is gorgeous.
It has an awesome view of the Golden Gate.
A gorgeous running trail along the bunkers.
And the hull of the SS San Francisco.
(Future exploration mandatory).

At the end of the day, 
I found this little guy.
And wished
all my InstaGrams would turn out super artsy
every day was a vacation day
my mom wouldn't make me go back to the museum with her on a rainy day
for a million more wishes
 that every time I explored SF it would be just as lovely.

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  1. Great pictures.
    Do not tell me these are from your new phone?
    If they are, I cannot take it.
    Envy...that's not such a good thing first thing in the morning.

  2. So fun. I love that you got to spend a whole day with your family. Great pics!

  3. wow! what a perfect day! y'all are the cutest family ;)

  4. You are hysterically funny. I love that you got this day for you and your family. I love even more that you shared it with me who is uber jealous that it's not yet cold, but also not 150 degrees outside. Because on this side of the continent, we're pretty much one or the other.

  5. fun day!

    the bread pudding looks awesome.

    the picture of your sister channeling her inner bella swan... priceless.

    we were in san fran at the end of may. it was cold and rainy. i am putting it on my to do list to come back in the fall when its sunny!

  6. What a fun day! I am still talking about the marathon too. I love it! :)

  7. Golden Gate Park is the best - what a fun day!