Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MugSwap '14: The Final Report & Link Up

Good morning, mug lovers!!!!
I'm about to call MugSwap '14 a wrap, but before I do, let's recap!!

1164 people participated! WOW. I originally was going to stick to 500 swappers, but by 8:40AM we passed that number, so we went to 1000. After all the assignments were sent out, I opened up a few additional spots, and added another 164. CRAZY. You guys are crazy. In the best way.

If you haven't done so yet, you should check out #mugswap14 on Instagram, there are nearly 2000 pictures of you guys shopping and swapping and sipping. It's amazing. I love seeing everyone's mugs, and hearing what cool things have come about because of something so silly as a mug swap. 

I have been so encouraged by those of you who have shared how the Mug Swap has encouraged or been something special for you. I received two emails, one of which I wanted to share with you guys, because they're just too special not to share:

I ran into my cute, local friends shopping for their mugs, which is one of my favorite things!

Received some goodies, from a really sweet swapper!!

We had 23 amazing, and I really mean, AMAZING giveaway sponsors!!!
And two of you won all this loot!!!

And, my most, most, most favorite part of this whole thing, we were able to bless the Hopper Family in an incredible way. Thank you all who donated to their adoption fund. Susan will have to share more about this on her end at some point! In the end, we actually sent almost $2500!! 

And a few more business items before I get to the link up:

1. If you have not gotten your mug yet, as of your mail delivery today, please email me - I will do one mug follow up today, and today only for anyone who's mug has not been received yet. Please EMAIL ME at cuppakim@gmail.com.  I can only do this once, and only today. I know there are quite a lot of unreceived mugs, and I'm really bummed for you. I really hope that you were able to make a friend and find the joy in at least the sending portion of the swap.

2. If you have not SENT your mug by now, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not ruin this for someone. Please email me AND your person (their email is in your assignment email) and let us know you will be sending it this week. There are a lot of people still waiting, and it really is too bad that they haven't gotten theirs yet. Please don't ruin the mug swap experience for someone else! You made a pinky promise when you signed up.

3. And lastly, and this is the BIG news: I'm going to be planning a new swap in EARLY 2015. I'm talking January here. If you don't already, follow along on Instagram for more info, as this will be where I will be providing hints and announcements about the upcoming swap. Stay tuned for details!!! 

Alright, now, your turn! I know some of you have some great stories to tell, so link them up here!!