Friday, May 25, 2012

My Parents Perfect Child

If my parents were to have a perfect child, it would be a cyclist who eats pink Hostess Snoballs.

CuppaDad is an avid bike rider.
CuppaMom is an avid Hostess Snoball connoisseur.
She basically eats "color groups" - and pink is her favorite - cotton candy, pink popcorn, and Snoballs.
Two of her other food groups are chips and corn syrup (gum drops, gummy bears, orange slices, cinnamon bears, Starburst). You will never open the cabinets to not find at least one of these foods.

Cycling season is here - so every visit to my parents' includes catching some Giro time along with a full recap from my dad about the previous days' crashes and scandals.
The cycling world has a lot of both.

I think my mom's favorite team (yes, cycling is a team sport, believe it or not) is Jelly Belly.
 Otherwise she really has zero interest in watching the races.

The other day, they were both excitedly talking over each other to tell me about something that had been on right before I arrived.
This commercial, with a cyclist, who trains super hard,and perseveres through 4 flats, only to show up at a convenience store for a pink Snoball.

This has given my mom a whole new lease on her food groups.
Wednesday, she asked my dad to bring her her "health foods." She thinks they are the next Powerbar or Gu.
She also thinks she is very funny.

For the record, I tried a bite of a Snoball for the first time that day.
No thanks.

My dad sent me a link to the commercial this morning...
It is 50% dad and 50% mom.
And I 100% love it

And in case you were wanting today's race report, dad said "great race today! uphill finish!"

I'm sure I'll be catching highlights on my lunch break.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Days by Wifey Singer

Alright fools, let's talk.

Ever since I started blogging, like for reals (cause I blogged for a while not so for reals), I have met some amazzzzing other bloggers.

One of them is Hannah, from the encouraging and lovely blog HAPPY DAYS.

Here is what I love about Hannah:

I feel like she is the welcome wagon of the blog world.
She is always introducing me to new bloggers, and seems to be friends with everyone.

Everyone I know admires her greatly.
And for good reason.

Hannah is also the biggest supporter of her friends' handmade shops and businesses.
Girlfriend LOVES herself some handmade.

And Hannah herself is getting in the game.
I am SO thrilled to tell you about it!
Hannah's sweet shop, Happy Days by Wifey Singer has just opened, and you need to go check it out.

And support our favorite friend Hannah.
Her stuff is AWESOME.

Look at her adorable packaging?
Washi tape, bakers twine, pops of color.
Imagine coming home from a long day of work, or checking your mailbox after a crazy day with your kiddos, and finding this in your mailbox.

And these are her lovelies.
Totally gorgeous beads. Shiny happy.

Loving my two newest accessories.
Please, do yourself a favor, and go check out her shop!
I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy myself THESE, if you don't beat me to it.
Because, HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!?!
Oh, and guess what!? She is actually doing a giveaway with them over at her place today!!

So run, don't walk, over to Happy Days by Wifey Singer.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend, Y U SO FUN?

I wish the weekends never ended.
This one especially.
So much fun jammed into two short days.

Actually, most of the fun was jammed in to Saturday.

Saturday morning, Ellen and I headed over to Coyote Point to participate in the 11th Annual Soul Stroll, advocating for African-American Health Awareness.
Or something like that.

Ellen participated last year, and gave it a raving review!
She put out feelers for takers for this years event, and I was more than game!

I picked her up bright and early and we headed over sign in.
We got a t-shirt, a bag, breakfast, lunch, the event itself, and when we were finished, A MEDAL.

We also got hooked up with some sweet swag from the vendor booths.

It's cool that you're jeal.

Thankfully, the Soul Stroll does a legit warm up sesh.
I'm talking electric slide.
I'm also talking zumba like warm up moves.
And some dance where you "lean" and then "wobble".
Everyone seemed to know it but us, but we just did our best to blend in.
We did not want to be busted for lacking soul.

Finally it was time to take off, and we were in the front of the pack.
We strolled our way along the bay, and opted for the 5 mile course.
We got all the way to the end of the dog park, turned around and strolled back.

Best part?
The event included medals.
That is my rule for "running" events.
Must receive a medal.
Besides my Tiffany necklace from the Half Marathon, this was my first medal.
My other rule for "running" events is that participants must wear their medal all day.
Because, why not? And when else are you going to rep the bling?

We were stoked to be done.
Slightly crispy.
But blinged out.

Also, the local paper took our picture and names.
But....we have yet to become famous.

We grabbed our quick lunch, and then headed off to our next adventure.
We were taking Emily and Hayden to the Giant's game.

We loaded the car and headed off to the Yard.
As we were pulling into the parking lot, Ellen looked up from researching the day's theme, to find a gaggle of elementary school boys pointing at our car.
Yep. Half of her class was right next to us in the parking lot.
They followed my car as I parked, and before I even had the engine off they were swarming Ms. Steiger.
Growing up, I'd around town with my grandmother who has taught every kid in Belmont for the last 60 years, being approached by random kids - so this was no surprise for me.
Being approached by this many of them, a bit shocking.
Ellen handled it with grace and enthusiasm, and I'm sure they will be recapping the days events on the playground today.

We headed over to the main gate to find out about fedoras, and got offered to be on the pre-game show.
We got our Authentic Giants Fan signage and stood behind the barricades.
See, this is us in front of the cameras.
Sadly, when it was our turn to be on air, this freak-a-zoid next to us kept putting his sign in front of Hayden.
I was about to throw down with him.
And pushed his sign away with my sign.
Grow up dude.
Let the baby get some air time.

Anyway, we were set, and Hayden has MAD sign holding skills.
Check her out doing it all by herself.

Emily is a rockstar mom, and found out that babies get a certificate for their first visit to AT&T park! We headed up to guest services and hooked up Hayden-boo.

Oh, and stopped for a quick photo op with our new lids.

Up to the Virgin America Club Level we went...
Inside a plane-scalator.

The game was awesome.
The first few innings went quickly with a 0-0 score.
And Hayden kept us entertained.
She was SUPER good at clapping along with the cheers.
And enjoyed all of the people watching.

The Giants got the birthday girl (Emily), Hayden, Ellen and I a win.
And I'm now on an attending the game winning streak.
Woo to the hoo.

Saturday was a blast.
Sunday required a LOT of catch up rest.

Also, there was an eclipse.
Which we really need to discuss here.
I was over at the Johnsons.
Standing at their front door, looking outside.
When I said,
"guys...something weird is happening. outside looks funny. the light looks weird"
And I think I got a few funny looks.
But then, other people started noticing it too.
And I was like "it's weird, like something is blocking the clouds...but not an eclipse"
And then someone said, "oh, yeah, we are having an eclipse tonight"
To which, I replied "no way."
Total, 100%, disbelief.
I truly thought Jesus was coming back.
(I have thought the rapture occurred a few times before. Legitimately. It's kinda one of my "things".)
Clouds were about to be rolled back like a scroll, yo.

But no, I busted open the Google, and confirmed, it was just an eclipse.
How did I not know this was happening?
But more importantly, how weird, that I totally saw it happening.

Also, weird?
The little moon shaped shadows everywhere.
Take that PicFX bokeh filters.

Weekends like these make me wish every day was weekend.
That every day had soul strollin.
That every day were Giants win days.
And that every day was eclipse day.

The good news is, there are only 5 days left til the next weekend, and plenty more adventures to be had.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Life on the 'Gram

I think a lot of bloggers are doing life over on Instagram these days.
Or the 'gram as I like to refer to it.

A lot of "sorry I haven't posted in so long" posts around these parts.
It's cool though.
I heart the 'gram.
But, for those of you who aren't on there.
Or those of you who just want more CuppaGrams, here is what life has been looking like these days...

Last week I had my teeth cleaned.
By my sister.
Ashley did too!
Afterwards, Laura treated us to lunch.
That is full service dental hygiene!

The weekend was kicked off with some goodies from THIS lovely bloggy friend.
Thank you JenniLynn...these notecards are like the most amazingly perfect thing in the whole world.

Saturday, my sister and I hiked the Dish again.
It's almost a 5 mile adventure when it's done.
A 3 mile loop, but 1 mile each way to and from the car.
Lunch at Chevy's.
Shopping at the outlets.
And a little Sonic Happy Hour for the drive home.
Except, my sister, while trying to read the bottom of her cup (note, there is nothing on it)
hit the straw on the ceiling of the car, which then punctured the bottom of her cup, and we had diet cherry limeade streaming out the bottom of her route 44.
Faster and faster.
I rolled down the window, did three u-turns, and tried not to crash the car while I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks, and hyperventilating.
Do not divide by.
We couldn't even breathe by the time we got back to the drive thru.
Thankfully, she had managed to save her  bev in a plastic bag, and they happily replaced it.
That was $1.90 saved.

Sunday my mom requested that we take her to Santa Cruz.
Not a problem.
We had lunch on the wharf.
Checked out the cute seals (my fav) - there was even a CUTE baby jumping around in the water when we walked up. She climbed up on the dock, and then onto what I assume is her mama, and then all the other seals gathered around and barked at the annoying ones who tried to come close.
It was adorable.

We walked the Boardwalk for a bit.
I bought my mom cotton candy AND taffy.
They are two of her major food groups.
And on our way home, we stopped at Marianne's.

For the record, my brother in law got the two weirdest flavors they have.
Cantaloupe, and Black Licorice.
You may gag now.

Laura got Pineapple Coconut, and I got my fav 10-20. Excellent life choices.

Betsy came to town for Mother's day, and a few extras, so we headed out to the Yard.
I printed the tickets.
But I was kinda low on toner.
I got in no problem, and turned around to find out they were stuck behind the gates.
Theirs wouldn't scan.
Please note their annoyance.

Betsy and Laura had a fun little Crossfit bonding time.
I stopped by after the gym.
And ended up working out with them too.
I also ran that morning.
I believe that is the definition of beast mode.

I get to see my favorite Miss Abi every Wednesday. And sometimes other days too.
Here are two of my Weekly Abs shots.
I've been trying to secure favorite status.
I think I'm doing pretty well.

Happy, happy weekend friends!
Lots of adventures await!
Go enjoy some sunshine!

life rearranged

Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 on 10: May 2012 - The I Almost Forgot Edition.

10 photos over 10 hours.
Remembered to do this mid-morning.
No big girl camera this month.
But it's pretty amazing what the iPhone can catch.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Well, Hello There Monday

Hello, Saturday AM at 7am.
Hello, let's take the Schnoodle for a walk.
To the sister's house and check a package since she is out of town.
Hello, disappointed Schnoodle, nobody is home.

Hello, train tracks.

Hello, clean house, lemony fresh, scrubbed floors, dishes, shower, toilet.

Hello, Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve.

Hello, hiking combined with complete paranoia of mountain lions and poison oak.
Let's add bee stings and going into anaphylactic shock to that at the halfway point.
Imaginations run wild.

Hello, contemplating how long it would take emergency services to reach me.
Hello, understanding why they teach the buddy system in Girl Scouts.
Hello, buddy who can't dial 9-1-1.

Hello, off leash dog area.
WAY better than Fort Funston.

Hello, ears all the way back, listening very well.
Good puppy.

Hello, Frappucino happy hour with mom.
Hello, sitting side by side playing draw something.

Hello, Sunday morning.
Hello, swapping duties.
Hello, PowerPoint.
Goodbye PowerPoint.
Hello, Timmy.
Thanks for fixing my epic fail, sorry I let you down.

Hello, Sunday after church shenanigans with these two.

Hello, Mylie and Chloe.
Get ready to play.

Hello, "let's pretend we're dog owners and we can do all of the things dog owners do".

Goodbye Chloe, how come you are hiding under the coffee table?

Hello, one more stroll by the apartment for packages.
Hello, disappointed Schnoodle once again.

Goodbye weekend.

Hello, Monday.