Friday, May 25, 2012

My Parents Perfect Child

If my parents were to have a perfect child, it would be a cyclist who eats pink Hostess Snoballs.

CuppaDad is an avid bike rider.
CuppaMom is an avid Hostess Snoball connoisseur.
She basically eats "color groups" - and pink is her favorite - cotton candy, pink popcorn, and Snoballs.
Two of her other food groups are chips and corn syrup (gum drops, gummy bears, orange slices, cinnamon bears, Starburst). You will never open the cabinets to not find at least one of these foods.

Cycling season is here - so every visit to my parents' includes catching some Giro time along with a full recap from my dad about the previous days' crashes and scandals.
The cycling world has a lot of both.

I think my mom's favorite team (yes, cycling is a team sport, believe it or not) is Jelly Belly.
 Otherwise she really has zero interest in watching the races.

The other day, they were both excitedly talking over each other to tell me about something that had been on right before I arrived.
This commercial, with a cyclist, who trains super hard,and perseveres through 4 flats, only to show up at a convenience store for a pink Snoball.

This has given my mom a whole new lease on her food groups.
Wednesday, she asked my dad to bring her her "health foods." She thinks they are the next Powerbar or Gu.
She also thinks she is very funny.

For the record, I tried a bite of a Snoball for the first time that day.
No thanks.

My dad sent me a link to the commercial this morning...
It is 50% dad and 50% mom.
And I 100% love it

And in case you were wanting today's race report, dad said "great race today! uphill finish!"

I'm sure I'll be catching highlights on my lunch break.


  1. Very funny. I've never had a pink sno ball but I usually have a hard time turning down those chocolate, cream-filled cupcakes with the white "phone cord" icing design on the top. MMMMMMMM!

  2. That's awesome!

    If you want to impress your dad with cycling news, there's a big race of some sort in Boise this weekend. The time trials were last night and Kristin Armstrong (the gold medalist from Boise) crashed and broke her collar bone. It's a pretty big deal around here. Or so I've heard.

  3. It's no surprise that you're so awesome!

  4. I love sno-balls but the pink variety is my least favorite due to the chocolate cake inside. I'm thinking we need to co-blog a sno-ball variety taste test :)

  5. Riding bikes for long periods of time hurts my woo bear.

  6. ha!

    i have never eaten a snowball.

    i kept thinking when he was taking that bite was... how many calories will that be on my fitness pal? was it worth it? can you tell how i judge all my food choices lately. will it be worth the calories? did i exercise enough to make it worth it? ugh! the video did crack me up.

  7. They should be a reality show. Especially if your dad wears those awesome biker outfits plastered with ads. He could have one with snowball ads everywhere.

  8. Seriously,
    between your parents and your grandma I think
    I just love your family.

    But I don't know if your mom would like me...
    I've never had a snowball.
    And I think she and Buddy the Elf may follow the same food pyramid.


  9. Ha! I just saw Snoballs at Walmart today. I've never had one... your mom would be so disappointed in me! :)

  10. Ohhhh man. Pink. Snoballs!!! Haven't seen/heard/thought of those things in YEARS!!!!! May have to have hubby stop and see if he can find me a snoball to go with my Starbucks coffee tonight..... Which it might be illegal to pair those two items?!?!?! Just sayin....