Friday, June 1, 2012

May. Annnnnnd Done.

Hello May.
Goodbye May.

Another awesome month.
So many great adventures.
A few hikes.
An 8 year old and dog slumber party.
Two Giants games.
A wedding.
The Soul Stroll.
Mother's Day/Santa Cruz.
And a lot of physical fitness.

Here comes June.
Palm Springs
Long days.
Warm nights.
Palm Springs.
More hikes.
Did I mention, Palm Springs?
I am a little excited.

Alright fools, here is a quick snapshot of May 2012:

Bible in a Year?
It rocks.
By the end of June I will have read 100% of the Old Testament and the Pentateuch since January.
Currently in Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Psalms and Revelation. Heavy stuff. GOOD stuff.
The Lord is GOOD.
I would say at LEAST 5x a week the passages cross reference. The Bible is amazing like that.
Jesus in the OT. So much about Israel and the Hebrew people in the New.
Anybody else still on track? Playing catch up? Report in here! I'd love to know how you are doing!

I have a few catch up blogs from May - and even late April that I'd love to post.
Maybe next week.
Maybe not.

Weekend is a few short hours away.
Sunshine, Schnoodlekins, and the outdoors are on tap.

Will report back.

It's JUNE!

PS: Extra Happy Shoutouts to my friends KATY and HANNAH.
Katy is celebrating her upcoming birthday with an AWESOME month of giveaways over at her place (also, new blog design, hellooooo adorableness!), and kicking it off with a Happy Days with Wifey Singer giveaway. Chickety check it. They are both pretty BA.

And do be sure to say hello to both of them if you pop over! It's always nice to know that people are reading, and where they are stopping by from! A quick hello always makes my day!


  1. YAY happy JUNE!

    I have been reading Hannah & Katy's blogs for a while now. I figured I need to round out the trio :)

  2. This is a quick hello.

    The drawsome pic is my fave.

    I'm so proud of you for the bible reading. I need you to email me and tell me what the "Pentateuch " is. Why do I feel like a bible school drop out?

  3. Happy June. You just inspired me to do a pic a day for June. I get so wrapped up and forget how important it is to document what makes my days so worth it. June is gonna be great for us too. And maybe we can have a coffee date with JJ, I feel like I know you, and yet we have never actually met! Makes me smile.

  4. Go you on reading your bible so diligently!!!! My hubby is embarking on the same thing and loving it.

    1. thanks. i always dreaded committing to it - but i actually love it. and it works for me. so it is awesome :) glad to hear the hubs is doing it too!

  5. kcuppa, i love ya.
    that's all.

  6. I had to switch up my reading plan... chronological was rough

  7. Cute post!

    I'm hosting a blender giveaway... would love to have you enter :-)

  8. I am going to get a medal and make it extra sparkly for you and your photoaday BA ness. Yep. It's going to be rad.