Monday, June 4, 2012

Pulgas Ridge: The Big Loop

So, I need to get something clear here.
I am NOT outdoorsy.
Or sporty.
Sporty Spice is my least favorite Spice Girl (I like Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary and then that order).

But lately, I have been getting my outdoorsiness on.
It's weird.
I know.
Please don't think of me differently.

I also am goth on the inside, I like gloomy days.
Not sunshine.
I hate sunshine.
I have said it before, but I'm only happy when it rains.
Gotta keep it real.

But also lately, I have been super giddy each time the weekend forecast includes warm sunny days.
All week long, I sit inside under florescent lights and daydream of Saturdays and Sundays where I can leash up the Schnoodle and hit the trails.

Who am I?

A couple weeks ago, Mylie and I hit the Pulgas Ridge trail, the short one.
And then last Sunday, Laura joined us and we did it again.

This weekend, it was time to take the big trail.
The Dusky Footed Woodrat Trail.

Oh yes.
Mylie is reading up on the Woodrat habitat.

We packed a bag of snacks, water, Bible, a hat, and got started.
My phone told me it was about a 4 mile loop - but I think it might be closer to 5? Either way, we were out fo about 2 hours.
Also, my goth legs now have tan lines.

We found some crazy amazing views.
And I perched on a little rock in the blazing sun for a small quiet time break.
Mylie was not happy about the lack of shade, but managed to take a quick snooze anyway.

The last part of the trail was extra shady, which was nice because goths get easily sunburned.
But also, very woodsy.
Oak Alert was in full effect.
I think we made it out of there in record time.

End result?
We both came home with a tan.
(And so far, no poison oak. Hallelujah!)
That's what happens when the sun is shining and you lay down for a nap in the dirt.
Orange stripey dog becomes solid brown dog.
Bath time, little one.
I need my white dog back.

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  1. that's awesome kim! it's always good to get outside of our comfort zones.
    and those views...WOW!

  2. 1. Look at you linking up!
    2. I was posh spice for Halloween once.
    3. I wish we could do fun things like that here more but it is already in the 100's.

  3. 1. Kelly beat me. Rude.
    2. I accidentally hit send but wasn't done.
    3. I am impressed with all the outdoorsy.

  4. Baby spice is your fave? Girl, you crazy.

    I have a love/hate relationship with outdoor things. Those views make me forget any hate!

  5. How fun! I think Homie needs to experience this adventure soon!

  6. I had no idea that dogs could get a tan line!

    PS love your Spice Girls preference -- Sporty was always my fav but I am also sans sportiness in my life.

    1. jamie. you crack me up. ;) i came home with a tan (well, you know, sorta) and mylie came home with a "tan" ;) she was just all dirty hahaah.

  7. i like being outdoors, but we went on a 6 mile hike last summer and when we got to the end {a beautiful blue lake down in a valley} we were hit with mosquitoes so bad we had to practically run back out. we had to take a couple of pictures and the look on my face says it all. i was trying so hard not to wiggle while being bit!! after all that hard work, we couldn't even enjoy it!!

    your's looked like fun!!

  8. Hahaha, love this. I am also goth on the inside and love the rain. It's just so cozy. Those sunshine lovers don't know what they're missin'.

  9. you crack me up. but what an awesome day!

  10. Haha... Goth legs!! My legs are kind of a rainbow right now with very weird tan lines. Not attractive.

    I don't mind weather. Gloom can be pretty interesting and invigorating. I like warmer gloom better than the really cold kind though. :)