Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Apple, and the Tree. They aren't too far apart.

We have discussed my mom around here.
 Love her.
A lot of you reading this love her too.

You guys are big fans of the person many know as "Nurse Band-Aid"

That was her VBS camp name.
No one else had camp names at VBS.
But my mom wanted one, so she gave herself one.
And it stuck.

Well, Nurse Band-Aid is basically the older version of CuppaKim.
I get told all the time that I am my mother.
I tell her all the time she is her mother.
And we secretly talk about how her mother, my grandma, is turning into her mother, my GG.
It's just how it works.

Laura, it's happening to you too.
The best thing you can do is embrace it.
Own it.

Speaking of owning it, I am a crazy dog owner.
I own it.
I try and hide it a bit around here.
But I won't deny it.
And lately, I have not been hiding it well.

Here is what I need to tell you.

Several weeks ago, my mother requested that I throw Mylie (and Chloe too), a doggy birthday party.
What you need to know is, I did not think this was that crazy of an idea.
I thought it sounded kind of fun.

My mom told me we needed BBQ chicken and party hats, and a theme.
The theme she chose was "dog bones".
Themed birthday party? I think she wants to be a blogger at heart.

So, in the spirit of "owning it", here is Mylie's Birthday Party.

We didn't have BBQ chicken, but we did have BBQ chicken pizza. Much more delicious.
Kayla and Ashlyn had made Mylie some birthday cards (Ashlyn's is in Purple, Kayla's in green).
I stole the party hats from work.
It's-Its were dessert.

Mylie got a squeaky cupcake, and they got a box of dog bones to share.
My dad even got Mylie a gift and wrapped it for her.
Her favorite part is the unwrapping. More than the gift itself.

I think I will just leave you with that.
If you choose to come back another time, thank you.
If not, I fully understand.
The dog birthday party is weird.
Super weird.

 Also, side story:
In the kitchen at my parents' house is a Bichon calendar.
For years, my mom writes captions on the Bichons every month with a sharpie.
It's the best part of the month, seeing what the new calendar says.
That is probably a blog post of its own.
Remind me.

Don't worry, it wasn't an 8 hour party. 3-11 was an extra shift Nurse Band-Aid picked up.


  1. I LOVE THIS! I've always wanted to do a b-day party for Hewitt but never have because I don't know his "real" birthday. I guess I could celebrate it on his adoption day?

    1. i think that would work perfectly!

  2. when you have an awesome dog, why not throw a party? It's better to be a crazy dog owner than a crazy cat lady, right?

    I just wish I could remember Autumn's birthday :)

  3. I feel like you did mylie a disservice, you can google doggy birthday supplies and there are loads of them. I feel sad for her that she missed out so much.

  4. OK, hang here with me, cuz I still have Lyme disease and not thinking all that well...I confuse easily...

    I thought your name was kim? right??? what's the cuppaKIM? what does this all mean?
    who is Laura????
    SO confused.
    clearly, I do not know you at all.

    I am Laura.
    I read your post and thought "She is talking to ME???"
    followed by tears and nodding yes, saying outloud to nobody "I know! I AM turning into my mother!"

    but you are not talking to me , are you?
    I am just crazy

    and the dog party?

    I think I might love you...
    it IS ridiculous
    SO crazy

    like me

    are the dogs registered at Petco??
    next year :-)

  5. Dogs are family too!!! And they deserve a day to celebrate their births!!!I have a friend whose hubby went and got professional pictures done with their dog the same day their daughter had her senior pictures!!!!

  6. this is rad. and crazy. and awesome.

  7. I don't even know where to begin. I love BandAid but not as much as Mylie's dress on Kayla's card. That's $5 worth of Jolie's right there. You're welcome.

  8. Parties for dogs is a totally untapped party market. I can see you & Nurse Band-Aid making some bucks doing this. And for the record, crazy dog lady is WAY better than crazy cat lady!