Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 on 10: June 2012

Started with a typical first world problem.
Nothing to wear.

Headed to church.
With my new favorite sunnies.
I've been wearing the same BP ones I buy multiple pairs of each summer.
Decided to branch out.
I kinda love them.

Bear coffee.
Appropriate for our little Church.

Also, our church runs on Macs and Starbucks.

On my way to visit my mom, I encountered a man in the middle of the road under his motorcycle.
I helped stop traffic. And called 9-1-1 while some other people helped him up. 
Thankfully he was okay. 
And happened to have his own first aid kit on hand.
Also, WAY too many first aid kits needed to be used today.

Mom is home from Paris.
Oui. She is very lucky.
We had a tea date this afternoon.
She had tea.
I had watermelon.

Because it was 89*

Called in a dad favor.
Needed giant cardboard boxes for a project I'm working on.
He is thrilled to hear he will also be assisting me with said project.

89* meant that it's warm even at 6:30pm. In the shade.
This is pretty much the holy grail of San Mateo.
Very hard to come by.
Picnic in the park with the sister and brother in law.

Followed by a stroll to Yogurtouille.
For a sweet treat.
Coconut White Chocolate Macadamia?
Yes, please. With sprinkles on top.

And as an added bonus.
Closing out the day blogging as the sun sets over my deck.
Happy 10th.

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  1. we really need to work on the hanger issue in your closet.
    do you love nordstrom?
    your mom is cute but she should be using a paris mug instead of an aloha one.
    are those mochi balls on your yogurt? everyone thinks i am so gross for getting those. i have never met my match until now.

  2. super cute set!
    looks like an awesome day! ;)

  3. you are ridiculously hard core!!! way to get those first responder skills on.

    love your sunnies, but you knew that already.

    who knew first aid kits would be so important in these parts??

    now, if only we could get steve and howard to sponsor us....

  4. your sunnies. cute. YOU are cute.

    also, your hangers. what is happening?
    you need these.
    i have hot pink patrick's are black. we are ocd.

    your mom. obvi where your cute came from.

    oh. i love your church.

    i am allergic to only two foods that i know of:
    rosemary and macadamia #sadface

    also your deck, i need to be there. but not until you come here first.

    i LOVE you.

    why am i still awake?

  5. my freaky organizer part of me died when seeing those hangers lol
    ours are all green and white and stack on each other :)

  6. Ok I miss sunnies. I wear glasses now with transitions...BORING!!!!!!

    I think every church should run on Starbucks!!! :-)

  7. I'm cracking up at everyone's comments about the hangers...too funny!

    Love the sunglasses!

  8. Loving the sun glasses! Loving the gorgeous weather and picnics in the park! Loving your church - coming back soon, I promise! Loving froyo! That was my favorite place when I lived in your hood! :)

  9. is there anything else a church should run on?
    i finally linked up for this. i had to mark my calendar. lol!!!

  10. world problems! ha. sometimes he nothing to wear dilemma feels that way. girls.

    your sunny's are cute. i've stocked up on the same ones for 3 years. time for a change?

    man under motorcycle! i bet you were a blessing. you'd be a blessing to anyone, under a motorcycle or not. :-)

  11. I love that your set ended with a du flare pic...typical cuppa Kim sky party action! Love it!

  12. My kind of church...Mac's, coffee, and you!

  13. great 10's ... I think I run on macs and coffee too!

  14. love the glasses. and mochi is delish.