Monday, June 18, 2012

Scenes from a Weekend

Another weekend of lovely.

Sweet Potato Fries. Every. Single. Day.
Or, SPF's if you will.

A Schnoodle on a Saturday morning.

FaceTiming Nepal.

A day with my mama.
Full of shopping.

And swimming.
And 100+ temperatures.
And America.

And picnics in the park under the palms.

And a sky party to end the night.

And a time of praying for our friends in places across the world, like Nepal.

And dad pumping gas.
And do the windows.
On Father's Day.
Because he jumped out of the car and just did it.

And Sunday Funday with the Fam.

And having the most BA Dad in the whole wide world.

It's a good weekend.
It's a good life.

Happy Monday, friends. <3


  1. your dad is ba! you are blessed.

    sweet potato fries are the yummiest. sweet potatoes keep you young -i know because my g-ma eats one everyday. last year i MADE myself eat s.p., so i could stay looking young. it's working don't you think?! :-)

    napal. i use to have a friend in napal (now she is in australia). after she returned from napal we began saying "jamisey" to each other. it means "the jesus in me meets with the jesus in you."
    jesus to jesus friendships are the very best friendships.


  2. sweet potatoes are my husbands anyway shape or form :)

  3. Dads with mustaches are the most BA dads of all.
    I know this to be true.

  4. God bless so much in this post.

    So thankful for America and your grandma.

    Super jeal about ikea. Wish one was close enough.

    I might go get the fries after nap times?

  5. a little too much blessing of america for my taste.

    but there is too much amazingness to bring the hate.
    kathy and ikea?
    nepal and sunshiney days?

    so good.

  6. what a fun weekend! i love that card. seems like you're probably a pretty ba daughter.