Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Best. Sleepover. Ever.

Another catchup blog. Retroblogging. You know?
Two weeks ago Jessica & Dave headed out of town for a few days,
so KK and I got to hang out for a few hours.

Since I have no kids and no nieces or nephews of my own, 
KK (and Ashlyn) get to be my virtual-nieces.
Fun virtual-aunt status was in full effect.

I picked up KK after work on Friday night, and let her pick our dinner plans.
"Red Robin.
No wait... CPK.
No wait... BJ's.
No...CPK. They have the BEST bread!!!"
(She is 100% her mother's daughter, and has an excellent palette for sourdough).
Pasta with butter.
And extra bread.

While at dinner, we discussed our plans for the sleepover.
She could choose her breakfast option (cook, Starbucks, or iHop).
She wanted to stay home and make breakfast - eggs were her choice.
Not pancakes, waffles, or cinnamon rolls.
Your wish is my command, little one.

We stopped by the grocery store for some OJ and then to my parents to get Mylie.
And a quick hello to Chloe.
Chloe won't go potty outside at my house.
So Chloe is not invited. Sorry.

The three of us were homeward bound.

Kayla's backpack reads 
"Going to Grandmas"
Sound's about right. I am pretty geriatric after all.

We did some iPad-ding 

And cake baking. 
Rainbow Chip with Chocolate Frosting. 
She wore the appropriate sleepwear.

And cake decorating. 
A belated birthday cake for Mylie.
With her image on it.
We gave Mylie the tops of the cake - before frosting, obviously.

And then bedtime.
It took a while for everyone to settle in and find their respective spots.
And figure out what all of the noises we heard were (planes, trains, and automobiles).
But the girls slept in harmony all night.

 5:55am came quickly.
And Kayla awoke with a start - she wanted to walk to Starbucks.
Instead of making breakfast.
The streets were empty, which gave her plenty of opportunity to work with Mylie on her heeling skills.
They both had it down.
Kayla may have a career in dog obedience.

Thankfully, this Starbucks is dog friendly.
So we hung out for a while.

Until Kayla remembered she wanted to make eggs.
So we hurried back home.
For egg duty.
And leftover CPK bread.

More iPad-ing. 
Including a special drawing with a special message from my mom.

And dog castle building.

Complete with votive candles.
What every dog castle needs.

I'm pretty sure Mylie loved her new digs.

I'm not sure who loved it more, Mylie or KK.
But we had a fantastic 18 hours together.
Mylie has requested that you come back soon Miss Thang.


  1. A few things about me and kk:
    We share the same nick name.
    When people brought us meals after cammie was born and gave us a choice, I a,ways picked CPK and requested extra bread. True story.

    I feel that kk looks like her mother.

  2. just one thing. will you be my virtual aunt and take me to cpk?
    i love bread. which is probably the reason my back side is so huge.

  3. This is sooo cute and reminds me how much I love this girl and you too of course but this also reminds that she is not 4 years old anymore singing "kiss me ridin dirty" and she really needs to stop growing up :(
    and now I'm crying... lol

  4. well. if it wasn't clear before, i am now dead-set on visiting. and i would like to request that both kk johnson and kk fults join us. AND keepupwithjj.
    and i will work on giving myself a 'k' nickname to properly fit in.

    you're the best grandma ever!!

  5. ok you weren't kidding about it being the best sleepover ever.

    I request a girls sleepover at your place, what do you think!?

  6. Looks like loads of fun, Auntie Grandma! Feel free to practice your aunt skills on my hooligans at anytime! :)

  7. What a fun time! Also, I like that she just picked eggs instead of all that other stuff. However, I don't know if my self-control would have allowed that. Cinnamon rolls ALL THE WAY! ;)

  8. love love love. when are you coming to Kansas to hang with my girls? :)

  9. Thanks again Beast. KK is already planning the her next visit.

  10. Ok your posts always make me laugh out loud!!! The geriatric comment...almost peed my pants!! For reals.....

  11. KK is a way lucky girl!! What a fun time! :)

  12. BEST. AUNTIE. EVERRRR. Kayla referenced this night at least once a day. And mostly talks about Mylie. And bread. And 5:55 AM???!! We owe you. BIG.

  13. Yay for being geriatric. Although, you made one mistake. Kind of major. It's supposed to be funfetti cake with rainbow chip icing. I'll forgive you this one time.