Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunshine After the Rain

So, back in high school, when I picked my boyband horse, I picked 98 Degrees.
No, not N*Sync.
Not Backstreet Boys.

98 Degrees.

Sadly,  they fell into oblivion.
But, hey, Nick Lachey, he's still famous, right?

Also, they left me with a plethora of earworms that bring me back to having a brand new driver's license, a car with no air conditioning, a part time job, a little bit of spending money, friends who were 18 and could buy me lotto scratchers, and lots of hot tub parties looking for shooting stars.
Being 16 was awesome.

But, I digress.

That wasn't really where I was going with this post.

Little by little, I'm adding a little color back into my black and gray bedroom decor.
A little bit of yellow.
Just a smidge.
Because, I only do yellow in moderation.

A little sunshine in amidst the rainy grays.

And Etsy has been helping me jump back on the yellow train.

I can't get this print from Yellow Heart Art out of my brain.
I think it's the first one I'll be getting.

Typographical prints always catch my eye.
And I want my house saturated in scripture.
This one  From Fancy That Design House will definitely be next.
(ps thanks Katy for the rec!)

And you know those deep yellow flowers that are tiny.
Like a daisy.
But not.
Apparently they are called Billy Buttons?
How cute is that!
I love how simple they are.
They help me like yellow.
So does this print by Retro Menagerie.

And this one by Eve Sand.
This is just dreamy.
I would nap very well with this floating on my wall.

My super hilarious, amazing friend Denise and her husband opened a shop, Kiss the Sky, making the most amazing canvas prints.
I saw this.
It's a must have.
Super must.
Super saving up.

And, of course, these pillows from Classic By Nature wouldn't hurt either.
Even though I already have some awesome ones I love.
These just scream whisper FABULOUS.


  1. love these! i think yellow is a great accent color.
    so. 98 degrees.
    i wasn't into boy bands, but i was cool with hot tub parties. ha.

    love ya!!

  2. 98 degrees was my absolute fave. I cherished them. For the rest of my life, I don't have to think twice.

    Love everything.

  3. Ewww 98 degrees. I lurved the BSB and still do. (Even though my fave is not in the BSB anymore.) Coincidentally, my fave NKOTB boy is no longer in that band anymore. Weird?

    Now that you've got that song in my head, I will try to replace it with something much, much better like "Quit Playing Games with My Heart" or my personal favorite "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)".

  4. 98 degrees. was my boyband of choice too. i mean after i got over jordan from nkotb.

    all of your drops of sunshine ar fabulous. hooray kim for stepping out of your comfort zone.

  5. "give me just one night! uuuuunnaaa nooocheee!" Now that will be stuck in my head ALL. DAY. LONG. I loved 98 degrees, but I had Nick Carter tunnel vision in the worst possible way.

    Loving the yellow. I just bought yellow & white striped sheets. I'm sleeping on sunshine!

  6. I never got into the boy bands. Did I miss out??

    Very pretty color scheme you have picked out!! Your room is going to look amazing! :)

  7. I am totally loving yellow.
    I don't know when I started on the yellow kick, but I know it's been showing up in my clothes more, my iphone case, my purse, but I just can't help myself. It's so happy.
    Much like your posts.

  8. i love yellow. and be thou my vision is my fav. my sister sang it at our wedding.

  9. I love all of those. I love yellow. I do not love 98 degrees, but I still love you ;)

  10. nkotb, that was the popular boy band when i was 16. i didn't like them. too nasally. are the eagles a boy band? i'm think'n they were a man band. i love me some eagles.

    my new casa master-b is gray & yellow & black with a touch of dusty turquoise. not colors i on my own would have ever combined, but love!

    thanks A LOT for the shout out!
    i think your shout out deserves 10% off at our shop.
    email me for your coupon code (good for whenever and on whatever).

  11. love everything. love your sense of home decor!

  12. Yellow and grey are my favorite! I also like purple and grey! I can't wait until we have a house and I can go crazy with the decorating!