Thursday, June 7, 2012

Heather Holden's Coconut Creme Cake: PinterTest APPROVED

There are those who like coconut.
And those who don't.
It's quite a big cavernous deep between opinions.
I think for a lot of people, it's the texture of coconut flakes.
Me, I like coconut.
Especially toasted flakes.

Heather has this AWESOME recipe for those who get coconut heebeejeebees.
Or those who don't, and just like tasty cake!

I tracked down the four ingredeints. (yellow cake mix, condensed milk, Creme de coconut, and Cool Whip)
Three of which were easy to find.
The fourth would have been a bit easier, except
my fancy schmancy grocery store decided to rearrange their international foods aisle the day I went in looking for creme de coconut.
But I found an employee.
And found the, can of gold.

Last week, I was house sitting for my parents, and so I got to use their kitchen.
My camera was at home, so iPhone photography had to do.

Also, they have this fabulous double oven, which I love.
Except I preheated, and then "baked" the cake (prepared with box instructions) for 28 minutes in the non heated oven.
Heated the right oven and took care of business.

Also, I'd call this a "poke cake" which I think is the cutest name for a cake genre ever.
I mean, cheesecake. 
Tastes good.
Not a great name.
Poke cake is cute.

So poke your cake, and pour the Milk/Coconut mixture all over.

I was a little concerned with the condensed milk/creme of coconut to cake ratio.
It seemed a bit much.
But the overage puddled up on the sides.
And when I served the cake to a few friends, those who liked things extra sweet took those pieces.
And those who just wanted a hint of the sweetness took the middle.
A little something for everyone.

Super easy, and I think the Cool Whip topping kept this otherwise super rich and sweet cake, light and super delish. 
(Refrigerate for a while before serving, and don't leave it out after serving)

I took the remaining cake to work the next day, and it was lovingly dubbed "fridge cake". (best served chilled)

As in, "Hey! Did you try the fridge cake yet? It's so good!!"

Really. I overheard that.

Coconut Poke Fridge Cake. Success!


  1. This was DEE-lish. It and my almond cake should run of to the islands and get married.

  2. Yum! Love me some coconut! :-D

  3. i'm not really into coconut, but this looks good!

  4. this cake is DAAAAMMMMMMNNN good! try it peeps!

  5. YUM! A few years ago I jumped over the giant gap between coconut haters & lovers. Now I love all things coconut!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coconut. I will be making this. YUM. My dad's bday is in a few weeks & he also loves coconut, so this will be his bday cake. Yay!

  7. glory hallelujah.

    this is happening asap. actually. could you and heather just pop over and make me one? thanks.