Friday, July 29, 2011

Insta Friday: Bird Update and a Few Randoms Edition

I was quiet on the Insta this week.

After last weeks uber-boring-but-you-guys-were-too-kind-and-said-it-wasnt post...I tried to be a bit more selective with my artsy shots.

More artsy.
Less fartsy.

And a few birds.

These little guys got relocated across the walkway....from above the Emergency Exit above the fire alarm.

I don't think it was their first choice.

But they are really good at making a house nest a home.

I think their motto is, home is where your heart egg is.

Because, despite the first attempt above the fire alarm not being successful, they tried and tried again.

Doesn't she look so happy? So proud of the little home she built?

Unfortunately, their little messes REALLY don't help them stay incognito. And the maintenance guy evicted them, again.

Boo. Hiss.

I consoled myself with a cuppa tea. In my new mug. That I got at the tea salon on Saturday.
Which reminds me, my blogiversary is coming blogiversary announcement, coming SOON. :)
I am kinda excited about it. And hope you are, or at least will be, too! 

And, lastly,

I hung out with the kidlets on Sunday AM. It was a small crowd.
And we did a lot of coloring.
And by we, I really mean we. I colored too.
And this cutie-pie hogged the aqua crayon the whole time.
Seriously. My color pages needed some aqua love.
And it wasn't gonna happen.
At least she has good taste.

Thanks for a fun week on the bloggity blog! See you all Monday!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Texts from My Mother

If I ever want to make myself cry, all I need to do is read the texts that my mom sends me out loud to friends.

They are that funny. Laugh so hard you cry funny.

First off, you need to be able to translate what she writes:

This says - "Going to San Francisco today. Can you visit the dogs (on your lunch break)? Home at 5pm. Dad has a check up at the doctor."

h6e apparently is how my mother texts the word HOME.
Like I said, you may need a translator.

But she sends some pretty cute texts as well. They make me laugh, and glad that she is my mama:

We had gone to iHOP for lunch that day. She is telling me that she enjoyed it. We also had talked about our European Cruise this summer. She is a little bit excited (and so am I).

Then there was the text-bombing that took place last summer while she and my dad were in Hawaii (over his birthday), and I stayed at their house watching the dogs. The best is when she includes pictures. Though I seriously question her thinking that her daughters really want a picture of their dad sunbathing...

See if you can follow along: 

I really can't help but reply in mom-speak myself.

It's kinda like telegram operator status. STOP.
Get it? STOP.

Also, please note how she suggested I invite some friends over.
It's like she is scheduling playdates for me again.
Thanks Mom.

I love that she calls it "mango t." and she is having it NOW. My dad is biking NOW. and she is hungry NOW.

And here is where it gets good - it was my dad's birthday while they were in Hawaii, and here is the sequence of texts she sent me. 

Also, my mom is one of those "live it up when you get old" type of people, she likes pouring old people a second glass - and she always says she doesn't want to live to get old and gray, so she may need to take up smoking, drinking, and not wearing sunscreen to prevent that from happening. She is just silly. And kinda funny.

And then there is this last gem...

Boarding is a choice? I have NO CLUE WHAT THAT MEANS.

Anyway, they just got back from their Hawaii trip THIS year. Dad's birthday again. And there was an entire bee sting/spider bite incident that involved a trip to the ER. You KNOW that I have some good texts from that.

Don't worry. I will share with you.

PS There are e-mails too....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bride Day: A Fancy Day in San Francisco

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cari.

And she visited a high school youth group one night.

That youth group was headed to the beach.

For Taco Bell.

And a sunset.

That girl wore a purple, fuzzy, Kangol bucket hat.

And was driven by one of the high school leaders, Kim.

Cari eventually started hanging around youth group more, coming to Sunday School, and eventually joining a Bible Study that met at Kim's house.

Cari grew older, and wiser, and more in love with Jesus each day.

Cari and Kim eventually, became true friends.

Then, Cari met a boy.

His name is Jordan.

Jordan reallllllly likes Cari.

So he asked her to marry him.

(And Kim and a lot of other friends, drove out to Cari's house for a surprise party upon their debut as an engaged couple).

Cari asked Kim to stand by her side on her wedding day, as one of her bridesmaids.

Which, Kim gladly and happily accepted.

Now, Kim gets to accompany Cari on fun Bride Days in the city.

(Not Cari's)

To a very Frou-Frou, Frenchie, Chi-Chi bridal salon, run by a woman named Marie.

You don't mess with Marie.

Marie has rules.

You follow them.

When Marie says do, you do.

When she says don't, you don't.

When she says alterations by Marjorie, you go.

But Marjorie has rules too.

Do not call her until your dress is in hand.

Marjorie actually called Cari while she had the dress ON.

That's the way it works at the Frenchie Place.

Marjorie is a Native American woman, with a Russian last name, who was wearing a Star of David.

So Marjorie pinned. And folded. And hemmed. And tucked.

And Kim, and Mama Cheryl, and Aunt Annette poured champagne.

Followed by chocolate covered strawberries.

Aunt Annette came prepared.

She even brought the crystal champagne flutes.

And they left Marjorie with the bottle.

Later, the four ladies went to tea.

In Ghirardelli Square.

The tea salon was fun and whimsical.

And a little quirky.

But the sandwiches and scones were delightful.

The tea was fabulous.

Of course, the Ladies ordered the "Paris Blend."

And no tea is complete without a few sweet treats.

Truly, a lovely day in the City for a Beautiful Bride, her mama, and two friends.

And soon, but not too soon, just the right amount of soon, Cari and Jordan will live Happily Ever After, in a different, yet still beautiful city.

Linking this up with The Rusted Chain's Finger Print Friday - I love seeing how God has grown Cari over the years, how our friendship is because of and centered on Jesus, and how he is working in and through her and Jordan. Amen!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading Inquiry: Sailing the Seven Seas - The Baltics to the Mediterranean

Another sneak peek of the photos I will be printing for my wall of the world...

In a few weeks I will be crossing the pond once again to vacay it up on the Med. Sea.  (That is what we called it in Sunday School). Not to be confused with the Dead Sea.

Last summer I traveled to the Baltics.
Seven Countries, Twelve Days.

We departed out of Dover, England and spent a day traveling through the North Sea (my BIRTHDAY, holla!) where our first stop was Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen canal

Followed by Warnemunde, Germany

Tallinn, Estonia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Helsinki, Finland

and finally, Stockholm, Sweden

One of the best parts of vacation is getting a chance to escape into a good book. Even more fun, was traveling with my Kindle (I am totally obsessed, and no, Amazon is not telling me to say that). I loaded it up with a handful of books before I left (and I have the 3G version, so I was able to download some while I was there as well) - which left a lot more room in my carry-on. I am not a light packer. And I need every inch I can get.

I really enjoyed my reading selection from my Baltic Sea vacation, because I was reading the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, while traveling through the countries where the books take place!

It was really cool to read through a lot of Swedish words and phrases and be familiar (yet, FAR from understanding) with the language and alphabet as I was exploring the country!

As my Med-Sea Vacay is approaching I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has any recommended reading for me! I'll be spending a lot of time in Italy and Greece, so I thought I'd ask, any awesome novels that you have read that take place there?

I also have read the Hunger Games Triology and The Help - and enjoyed both of those A TON, so I am looking for any fiction recommendations - even if they are not set in the Mediterranean! (I also love a good Chick-Lit novel, I have read the entire Shopaholic Series, and everything by Sophie Kinsella)

So, hit me with your best shot!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Help: If You Were Printing Pictures to Hang on Your Wall...?

I'm in the thick of one of my latest projects.
It is a project that I have been wanting to work on for a few years now.

I am printing pictures that I have taken all around the world over the last few years.

Including Alaska, Nevada, La Jolla, Monterey, Ireland, and around the Baltic Sea.

I am really excited about it.

My photo skills are very amateur, and actually a lot of the pictures that I'm printing are from my point and shoot camera.

Most of the shots I have already selected and edited.

But these pictures, taken on Valentia Island - which is along the Ring of Kerry in Ireland have me torn. I want to print one of them, but can't decide.

I love the all of the detail in the first shot. But it kinda bugs me how much of the building is cropped out.
The second shot shows the character of the building itself, but you lose some of the up close detail.

Help a sister out, and let me know which one you would pick to print and hang among a wall of photos from around the world.

Up Close:


Farther Away:

Thanks! And stay tuned for more posts about some of my older travels, and the picture hanging project!

Friday, July 22, 2011

InstaFriday: Boring, Please Dont Fall Asleep Edition

Hi Loves!

Sorry for all the crazy test posts this week. I have been having issues. Remember, I am the Master of Disaster? This applies to blogs too. I need to just leave it all alone before everything goes totally haywire!

Anyway, I have had a few ideas for upcoming blog posts, they are in the works. Much more entertaining than "this is a test"!

Here is what my week looked like through the lens of my iPhone.

Speaking of iPhone...can they come out with the iPhone 5 already? I have been eligible for an upgrade for several months...and mine is starting to do weird die when the battery is at 20% remaining. #rudeiphone #rude

Saturday was awesome.
I started out at my favorite local spot, Kaffeehaus.
I had a cuppa joe.
Anda  potta tea.
I just really wanted the cool warmer thingy.

"Potta" doesn't really work very well does it?

After relaxing, reading, and hacking at Kaffeehaus, I went home for the first time in a week (housesitting, remember) - where two fabulous packages awaited me. One from The Fingerpost Shop and one from Hannah. I won a giveaway over at her blog (check it out, the giveaway is over, but you can still support an awesome family and their upcoming trip to Africa). Look at all of the crazy goodies she sent me. Generosity might be her specialty.

While hanging out at my casa, I went with Marge to Home Depot. I have told you before I hate the H-Dizz. I thought it was starting to grow on me, because I felt like I knew what I was doing.
At least in the spray paint aisle.
But Marge took me on a stretching experience.
Into the wood section.
Betsy took me there once before.
I left in a near hyperventilation.
This experience was a gagillion times worse.
See that wooden 2 x 4 behind her?
While some guy just watched.
And did not attempt to save my life.
#rudehomedepotcustomer #rude
I was so over that place.
And needed a hot dog.
That is the one upside to the H-Dizz.
They have some b.a. hot dogs.

Sooo...Sunday morning was weird. The text went out to the set up crew that it was a BYOC - that is Bring Your Own Coffee morning. But I figured I'd run into somebody at the Bucks. Or as we call it, The Clover.
But no one was there.
So I had a quick Quiet Time with my oatmeal and coffee and headed over to the 'Brae.
The worship team was there.
But they were busy practicing.
And everything else was set up.
Headed to the kids room...but everybody else went to get coffee.

What to do with myself?

Well...I took the opportunity to clean out the van.

(Have you seen our van? It's like a church on wheels. We bought it a year ago, and haven't filled up the tank since the first time! It may be the beastliest vehicle I know.)

It was surprisingly cathartic. Haha!
I pulled out everything.
Trashed a bunch of junk that had collected.
Sorted through peoples stuff that needed to be returned.
Found some donation bags and got them to the appropriate locations.
And collected every umbrella known to man.
Do you go to Hope Church and are missing an umbrella? It is in the van.

Sunday night, Ellen joined our biker gang, and her Cindy and I broke into the Johnson's house while they were out.
We made it a Sonic Sunday, instead of Chipotle Sunday.
And I worked on my blog while sipping on my DCL.

And housesitting. 
The two perks of house sitting was a daily coffee. 
And a salad from Wendys for lunch. 

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, you have my heart. Always and forever. <3

Are you still with me? Is this the most boring InstaFriday post of life?
I am kinda bored just writing it.
I apologize.
Come back Monday for some better content.

Oh wait! DO. NOT. LEAVE. YET.

Patrick and EMJ's sweet baby Hayden arrived. And I went and visited her Monday afternoon.
She totally digs me, can't you tell?
I have already taken to calling her Hay-baby, and she's just gonna have to deal with it.

And Tuesday, Coworker Cary - famous for her Brie - taught me about another fabulous Brie Find. Check out these little bad boys. Little mini rounds of brie!

She also recreated the Starbucks Bistro Box all on her own.
Adorbs, I say.

Again, I apologize.
A Starbucks cup.
And a cleaned out van.

I am NOT giving myself a 10 for my InstaEfforts this week.

I may need to take an InstaBreak for a while.

****PS If you have subscribed in Google Friend Connect or Google Reader and are not seeing this post, you may need to unsubscribe and resubscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience.****
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Birds are Back in Town...for now.

I got a lot of positive feedback from THIS POST.

And many condolences when I reported back that the awesome little nest only lasted only a week.


But, I have news for you...

I have a couple of new neighbors.

The birds are back.

Well, maybe not the same birds...

But these guys are "nesting" in a common spot.

And I usually discover them because they are messy.

This time was no exception.

This was one of the messiest  encounters I have had.

These birds were building on prime real estate. Right above the Emergency Exit light.

When I happened upon them, I think they were in the throes of building their new home...
I don't think they were quite ready for visitors. 

But, I  was able to capture a shot of one of the homeowners.

I have been away from my place since I saw them over the I'm not sure of the fate of these guys.

They don't have the appropriate permits, and their construction zone wasn't exactly "flying under the radar," so the on-site maintenance guy may have brought in a demo crew.

And on Monday, when our construction workers arrived, they may have been enlightened to the fact that all was not peaceful and good in the hood.

But, at least for a day, they got to enjoy their quaint little love shack.

Linking these little guys up with Heather:

And sad news, this nest is gone...but these guys aren't discouraged. A little update to come on Friday. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This past week my parents were traveling, so I have been hanging out with these two crazies:

The one on the left has allergies to immunizations and can't go beyond the end of the street.
The other has more energy than a junior higher at an overnighter.
She needs walkies.
Her mama needs the walkies too.
So it works out well.

Do you see that face?
Do you see the view?
It doesn't get much happier than that!

She gets a report card after each walk.
Usually when she walks with my dad she gets an A-
With my sister, her average is a B-/C+
But with me, her mama, she is always on her best behavior, A+ all around.

Since we have been walking everyday, and since I don't have to make Mylie behave, 
I have been observing so many gorgeous flowers.
And decided to make it a little nature walk.

I want a garden.
With all of them.
And not have to do any of the maintenance.
They make gardens like that right?

Smiles doesn't seem to care much about the flowers.
The only thing she cares about is "visiting" her BFF, Spikey.
Spikey is a girl, BTW.

Mylie cries the whole time we walk by Spikey's house. 
Spikey comes out to see her, and then Mylie gets spooked and is NOT interested.

As much as she loves her walkies,
she is always happiest when I let her off her leash,
and she is free to run the rest of the way home.

And yep, she got straight A's this week.
Girl is on the HONOR ROLL!