Friday, July 1, 2011

Insta Friday: That's IT?!? Edition

It was a quiet week for me over on InstaGram. Sorry about that.

Friday, I stopped in to see my newest favorite Starbucks barista Jamie, doing her thing! Sister wrote my name with a cute little heart on my decaf americano - with sugar free caramel syrup (her suggestion, delish). They called my drink for "Kim Heart". Loved it.

Friday after work, I headed downtown to buy a few snacks (um, I may or may not mean red vines). And I spotted this craziness.
At first I thought it was some sort of flash mob. And then I called my brother in law, who suggested it might be planking (have you heard of this phenomenon?). I believe it quite possibly could be a planking flashmob. But I'm not sure. I feel like they are just lying on the ground, not necessarily planking.
A few seconds later they got up and made a new formation.
Also could have been some kind of weird youth group car rally.
No. Clue.
Also, not an instagram pic, but I'm sure you'll live.

Also, speaking of flash mobs - have you seen this video? Cracks me up every time, "WE ARE!"

Saturday morning, I took my laptop, bible, kindle, iphone and journal over to my favorite coffeeshop. I have been there quite a few saturday mornings lately, and the girl knew my order and started getting it ready before I even got to the counter.
Large Coffee and Almond Croissant.
I think that officially makes me a regular. And that makes my favorite coffeeshop my ABSOLUTE favorite coffeeshop. :)

The other night, Ellen and Cindy hosted a little ballpark party. Giants were on the road, but that didn't mean we were short on Garlic Fries, Hot Dogs, Red Vines, Cracker Jacks, and of course, HoCho (or hot chocolate). Giants lost. But we still won with all of the deliciousness.

And we also used wikipedia to learn a LOT of baseball facts. That's what happens when six girls watch a giants game without any boys around. Haha.

My dear friend Betsy turned "Michael Jordan" years old tonight, as her funny friend Christy stated (Hi Christy, are you reading now!?! This is your official {insert whistle here} shoutout! I joined her and some friends for Sushi.

If you know me at all, you know that I must REALLY love Betsy.  This girl doesn't do sushi.

I hardly do fish. Although, I do love a good fish stick.
And fish and chips.
And, I will eat it if its what is served.
Just no shrimp.
There are some lines I do not cross.
Anyway, I found the fish free section of the menu, and got these little puppies.
Avocado Rolls.
I actually liked them.
The seaweed was a little oceany for my taste. But I'll do almost anything for avocado.
Well, except eat shrimp.

I also ordered some Futo Maki.
Also, a sans fish item.
They had fresh veggies (carrots and cukes) and an egg custard which was kinda sweet. I liked the egg custard, but the combo of it all, including sea weed, wasn't my fav. It was also kind of awkwardly wide.
Final verdict, I liked them. But probably would just stick with the avocado rolls next time.

And that concludes this week's InstaFriday.

Stay tuned to see what next week holds on the good old CuppaKim bloggity blog!

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  1. planking....hmmm, never heard of it. But, would definitely be interesting to happen upon. I too had some tasty red licorice this week....yum! I just joined the insta-friday fun. It was fun checking yours out.

  2. that is definitely planking. With the exception of the one in black kinda in the middle. That person isn't doing diddly squat. Also. EW. Redvines are yuckkkkkky!! I tried them recently. Immediately through the package away after one bite. Strawberry Twizzlers All. The. Way. I'm sure we will have to agree to disagree on that matter though.

  3. planking flash mob. oh help.

    speaking of flash mob, at the mall the other day, i almost peed my pants. i was about to walk out of macys and i heard a lady start singing, so i paused, she wasn't half bad. then another voice chimed in! could this be? as i turned around to stop at stare, and enjoy a flash mob, i noticed there were only four(old) ladies, dressed alike, bellowing four-part "lean on me". i chuckled to myself, wondering what the heck they were doing. then one lady shouted "oh my gosh, i have dreamed of doing this my entire life" then i almost peed my pants.

  4. Flash mobbing and planking hey? I have yet to experience either! I have also never experienced Red Vines...haha What a great Instagram I sure learned alot!

  5. Planking craziness! however only 2 or 3 of those peeps actually look like they are planking...

    Too bad you don't like shrimp cause my personal fave is a deep fried rolled with tempura shrimp in it and its delish :)

  6. i don't get planking. at all. i think it's really weird. and that is my favorite commercial of all. kills me EVERY time. and you ARE a good friend. sorry, bets. you know i love you.

  7. also, ALSO 5000 points to you for turning off word verification.

  8. if you can find a sushi roll without the seaweed, they're amazing! if i get a non-seafood one it has avocado, cucumber, carrot, and pineapple...and anything fried is always great :)
    honestly- it looks like they are all laying there...i've usually seen planking on an object where both top and bottom are over the edge so they balance on that object (almost like a see-saw)

  9. So glad you liked the carmel addition :) PS- this planking business is strange. I would love to witness it in person!

  10. How cool to have your favorites ready for you at your coffee shop!

  11. I love sushi!! It's my favorite! I bet it will start to grow on you like it did me! Have a great weekend!

  12. i was part of a flashmob at christmas

    it was a little chaotic, BUT A TOTAL BLAST!!!

    i so want to do it again.

    i'm allergic to sushi... i think. well, i don't know, but i could be and i DON'T want to find out.