Friday, July 22, 2011

InstaFriday: Boring, Please Dont Fall Asleep Edition

Hi Loves!

Sorry for all the crazy test posts this week. I have been having issues. Remember, I am the Master of Disaster? This applies to blogs too. I need to just leave it all alone before everything goes totally haywire!

Anyway, I have had a few ideas for upcoming blog posts, they are in the works. Much more entertaining than "this is a test"!

Here is what my week looked like through the lens of my iPhone.

Speaking of iPhone...can they come out with the iPhone 5 already? I have been eligible for an upgrade for several months...and mine is starting to do weird die when the battery is at 20% remaining. #rudeiphone #rude

Saturday was awesome.
I started out at my favorite local spot, Kaffeehaus.
I had a cuppa joe.
Anda  potta tea.
I just really wanted the cool warmer thingy.

"Potta" doesn't really work very well does it?

After relaxing, reading, and hacking at Kaffeehaus, I went home for the first time in a week (housesitting, remember) - where two fabulous packages awaited me. One from The Fingerpost Shop and one from Hannah. I won a giveaway over at her blog (check it out, the giveaway is over, but you can still support an awesome family and their upcoming trip to Africa). Look at all of the crazy goodies she sent me. Generosity might be her specialty.

While hanging out at my casa, I went with Marge to Home Depot. I have told you before I hate the H-Dizz. I thought it was starting to grow on me, because I felt like I knew what I was doing.
At least in the spray paint aisle.
But Marge took me on a stretching experience.
Into the wood section.
Betsy took me there once before.
I left in a near hyperventilation.
This experience was a gagillion times worse.
See that wooden 2 x 4 behind her?
While some guy just watched.
And did not attempt to save my life.
#rudehomedepotcustomer #rude
I was so over that place.
And needed a hot dog.
That is the one upside to the H-Dizz.
They have some b.a. hot dogs.

Sooo...Sunday morning was weird. The text went out to the set up crew that it was a BYOC - that is Bring Your Own Coffee morning. But I figured I'd run into somebody at the Bucks. Or as we call it, The Clover.
But no one was there.
So I had a quick Quiet Time with my oatmeal and coffee and headed over to the 'Brae.
The worship team was there.
But they were busy practicing.
And everything else was set up.
Headed to the kids room...but everybody else went to get coffee.

What to do with myself?

Well...I took the opportunity to clean out the van.

(Have you seen our van? It's like a church on wheels. We bought it a year ago, and haven't filled up the tank since the first time! It may be the beastliest vehicle I know.)

It was surprisingly cathartic. Haha!
I pulled out everything.
Trashed a bunch of junk that had collected.
Sorted through peoples stuff that needed to be returned.
Found some donation bags and got them to the appropriate locations.
And collected every umbrella known to man.
Do you go to Hope Church and are missing an umbrella? It is in the van.

Sunday night, Ellen joined our biker gang, and her Cindy and I broke into the Johnson's house while they were out.
We made it a Sonic Sunday, instead of Chipotle Sunday.
And I worked on my blog while sipping on my DCL.

And housesitting. 
The two perks of house sitting was a daily coffee. 
And a salad from Wendys for lunch. 

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, you have my heart. Always and forever. <3

Are you still with me? Is this the most boring InstaFriday post of life?
I am kinda bored just writing it.
I apologize.
Come back Monday for some better content.

Oh wait! DO. NOT. LEAVE. YET.

Patrick and EMJ's sweet baby Hayden arrived. And I went and visited her Monday afternoon.
She totally digs me, can't you tell?
I have already taken to calling her Hay-baby, and she's just gonna have to deal with it.

And Tuesday, Coworker Cary - famous for her Brie - taught me about another fabulous Brie Find. Check out these little bad boys. Little mini rounds of brie!

She also recreated the Starbucks Bistro Box all on her own.
Adorbs, I say.

Again, I apologize.
A Starbucks cup.
And a cleaned out van.

I am NOT giving myself a 10 for my InstaEfforts this week.

I may need to take an InstaBreak for a while.

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  1. mmmkay where is san mateo?
    i love babies. not enough to have another right now. but maybe someday. bye for now.

  2. never have anything boring to post. Love the baby pics.

  3. i saw those mini bries at tjs ... almost bought them. now i need them! =)

  4. not boring. hello?? how can the van EVER be boring. and umbrellas? i want to go run a marathon after reading this. seriously pumped. ;)

  5. What a fun! I love the Sonic frozen drinks. The baby is sooo cute.

  6. you had me looking forward to a snooze...this isn't boring, yo.

    can't wait to have a cuppa and a potta withya! xo
    love you!

  7. This is not boring! at All! Hello, Sonic!!! Not boring! A new baby? Not boring!! :)

  8. Kim, you could never be boring! :) Thanks for unveiling the Sonic Sunday concept! :) You can't go wrong with baby photos!! Soooo cute.

  9. Nope, no InstaBreak for you.

    I love your posts.
    You are the cutest,
    not boring 'tall.

    And that baby...the cute factor
    is through the roof!