Friday, July 8, 2011

Insta Friday: Enough Already Edition

**First off, I updated my domain - - if you follow via Google Reader you may need to update your feed**

If you follow me on InstaGram....I may have InstaBombed you this week.

Sorry about that.

You're gonna get to experience it all over again.

And if you don't have InstaGram - well then...enjoy the show!

Last Friday, while Jessica was supposed to be cleaning her garage - we met up for lunch instead! Way more fun!

I returned to work with a full Diet Coke ( addiction is returning), and pulled out some Red Vines. I kind of think its the perfect pairing. You need to try it. You're welcome.

Friday night, Betsy and I met up for a Facebook Event coworker Cary told me about... A Movable Feast.
A food truck rally at the fairgrounds.
Hip, funky, fusion-y food trucks are all the rage around here.
I drive by a few every day at lunch - and the lines are CRAZY.
We should have known it would have been at least that crazy at the rally.
It was a gagillion times worse.
Total mayhem. People everywhere. Half hour lines, which then required half hour waits for the food.
And the cupcake truck sold out.
#boo #hiss

Anyway, we got some pad thai, and thai tacos. We also biked there - so that part was at least fun!

Saturday, Betsy, Laura and I met up to do some shopping...we first hit up a local thrift store (and more to come on that!) and scored some AWESOME finds...

And while driving there discovered a super cute cupcake shop - Sweet Cakes - Laura got a giant patriotic Red Velvet, Betsy got a Mini Red Velvet and Chocolate Marble, and I got a mini Orange Cream and Chocolate Marble...YUM.

Then we made our way to Ikea where I scored a handful of other amazing finds - including a fabulous painting to for my loft (credit due to the sister who truly discovered it).

And then we had some lunch.
Ordering food at Ikea is crazy to me. It was overwhelming. And I thought their special was for a hot dog and a soda - like Costco. No, it is even more awesome - TWO hot dogs and a soda. We ended up with a LOT of food. And the most amazing cinnamon roll of life.
I don't think I can ever look at cinnamon rolls the same way again.

After that scrumptious adventure, I wasn't too hungry for dinner. So I found some fresh, light produce in my fridge. Don't artichokes and watermelon just SCREAM summer?!?
How do you cut up your watermelon? A few years ago a lady at church taught me to cut it this way. I will never cut watermelon any other way again. All you are left with is yummy red pieces!

And then, in an effort to not just curl up on my couch and zone out to my recently reactivated Netflix, I decided to take Basket-Robbins and my cute new helmet for a spin. We biked off to Trader Joes to pick up the week's groceries.
It was such a gorgeous night.
Biking is the best.

Sunday Morning, I met up with the Hope set up crew at Starbucks. A Venti Americano (ahhh) and Trenta Water. About 2 minutes after taking this picture I proceeded to drop the Americano and spill it all over the floor. I am pretty skilled at causing a scene wherever I go.

And Sunday night, we had a "Hope Family Dinner Meeting" - a time of reconnecting, seeking the Lord, and what He might have for us in the next season.
The lovely, amazing Monica cooked her authentic Enchiladas. But, I think they should be renamed Enchi-yummies. Because they totally were.
So light and fresh and perfect for a hot summer night.

I love the summer sky.
Especially vibrant cloudy sunsets.
But some nights, all we get is a clear evening...and that means a more subtle rainbow horizon. LOVE.

And finally, a new Sonic opened right across the bay. Instead of an hour away, it is only a 20 minute drive. Totally worth it for a Diet Cherry Limeade on a hot summer night. 
Unfortunately, they aren't so good at accuracy in ordering. And also not so good at letting you know they are out of ice cream when taking your order, and then proceeding to charge you for it, and then not bringing said ice cream with your order. All of this is very unfortunate for my poor sister. They replaced her order with a DCL...and then gave her a chip for another DCL. Unfortunately, all she wants is ice cream. NOT DCLs.

And that concludes this week's plethora of InstaGrams. Clearly, InstaGramming is mostly a weekend activity for me!

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  1. Your post made me hungry! What a fun week!

  2. seriously that is a brilliant way to cut watermelon. i have to try it!

  3. KIM! I need to get a bike... maybe for my birthday... I love all your adventures on the bike! What a fun trip to Sonic... Loved it!!

  4. cuppa cakes!! cherry limeade!! hollerrrr!
    your instas are grand. ikea stresses my socks off. i do love getting a few things there, but sheesh!

  5. you insta-gram a lot of food which makes me insta-hungry.

    i have never been to sonic.

    i dream of food truck gatherings.

  6. I have never seen a Sonic chip before! I love all the food in this post. The cupcakes look awesome.

  7. Is "instabomb" a technical term? I ate at my first food truck on Thursday. Shrimp good!!!
    Have a great rest of the weekend ;)

  8. I get hungry when I read your blog.
    Which means I should probably stop reading
    it at 11:13 pm,
    and read it around 9am instead.

    The cinnamon rolls at Ikea should be illegal.
    Those + the Ikea meatballs = a perfect meal.
    Fo sho.


  9. Wonderful pictures, such a dreamy atmosphere!

  10. I'm not sure exactly why, but this post made me laugh. In a happy way. Not in a making fun of you way. :)

    And I'm totally trying that watermelon cutting technique!