Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading Inquiry: Sailing the Seven Seas - The Baltics to the Mediterranean

Another sneak peek of the photos I will be printing for my wall of the world...

In a few weeks I will be crossing the pond once again to vacay it up on the Med. Sea.  (That is what we called it in Sunday School). Not to be confused with the Dead Sea.

Last summer I traveled to the Baltics.
Seven Countries, Twelve Days.

We departed out of Dover, England and spent a day traveling through the North Sea (my BIRTHDAY, holla!) where our first stop was Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen canal

Followed by Warnemunde, Germany

Tallinn, Estonia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Helsinki, Finland

and finally, Stockholm, Sweden

One of the best parts of vacation is getting a chance to escape into a good book. Even more fun, was traveling with my Kindle (I am totally obsessed, and no, Amazon is not telling me to say that). I loaded it up with a handful of books before I left (and I have the 3G version, so I was able to download some while I was there as well) - which left a lot more room in my carry-on. I am not a light packer. And I need every inch I can get.

I really enjoyed my reading selection from my Baltic Sea vacation, because I was reading the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, while traveling through the countries where the books take place!

It was really cool to read through a lot of Swedish words and phrases and be familiar (yet, FAR from understanding) with the language and alphabet as I was exploring the country!

As my Med-Sea Vacay is approaching I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has any recommended reading for me! I'll be spending a lot of time in Italy and Greece, so I thought I'd ask, any awesome novels that you have read that take place there?

I also have read the Hunger Games Triology and The Help - and enjoyed both of those A TON, so I am looking for any fiction recommendations - even if they are not set in the Mediterranean! (I also love a good Chick-Lit novel, I have read the entire Shopaholic Series, and everything by Sophie Kinsella)

So, hit me with your best shot!

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  1. I'm seriously impressed with your photographic eye.

  2. Playing for Pizza by John Grisham is set in Italy, and I really liked it. It is really short, though. A one day read for sure.

  3. oh my your pictures are amazing. i love the one of denmark {and the one in sweden}. it makes me want to get on a plane and go now.

    i loved the girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy. how fun you read it while you were in sweden. we seem to have similar reading tastes. i am reading the last book in the hunger game series right now {having a hard time with the third one though} and i loved the help. can't wait for the movie.

    my sister and brother in law lived in greece for 3 years. actually my brother in law is greek, born and raised there. i will see if they have any suggestions. you will love it there. what a fun fun trip. it is gorgeous. do you have room in your suitcase for a stow away??

  4. Beautiful photos - I love them!

  5. Your photographs are fabulous!

    I'm seriously obsessed with my kindle too. I loved the memoir Under The Tuscan Sun.

  6. This post and these pictures make me want to travel the world. Right now. :)

  7. Do you like Fantasy? George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones is good. :) But, I'm a geek. I am also into some classics lately- Canterbury Tales, etc...

  8. Great photos, Kim! I LOVED "The Help" and can't wait for the movie!

    I recommend the Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers. It's all about Ancient Rome/Greece, perfect for while you're looking at the Colisseum and stuff like that.

    If you just want general reading, anything by Lori Wick is amazing. :-)

  9. What beautiful colors, I love the first shot and the processing on that last shot is AMAZING!

  10. Your photographs are beautiful!!! What a great vacation.
    Just finished The Help. Loved it. I hope the movie is as good.
    I love anything by Vince Flynn and Clive Cussler. I love holding onto a real book, but you can't beat the Kindle for travel. I love mine.

  11. beautiful sea, sand, and sky photography!

  12. You lucky, lucky girl!
    Love the pics,
    and can't wait to see what you capture
    from your new adventure!!

    {can i stow away??}


  13. Fabulous photos! What a dream vacation.