Friday, July 15, 2011

InstaFriday: Label Maker Edition

This week, I downloaded a new app...Pocket Labeler.

I kinda love it.
But I also learned, I should label, THEN insta. Otherwise, my pictures go from cute squares...
into cropped, and not as cute rectangles.

But, they still work.

And I think it spices up my Instas a bit.

I now present to you, some InstaSpiciness:

Friday night, I headed to AT&T Park with Betsy and pals...
Ellen brought Red Vines. #standardballparksnack
Cindy bought a Panda Hat.
Torres choked. A LOT. But I still danced to his at bat song.
And Jeremy Affeldt took the mound. I try to love him, but sometimes he makes it really hard.

Saturday, the fun continued, and Betsy invited Margaret and I to join her for Ride the Ducks.
We quacked our way through San Francisco.
Had a little lunch at In-n-Out
And hit up the Renegade Craft Fair. It ain't your grandma's craft fair.

Sunday I sported my new Ghana bag. LOVE the fun fabric.
And Jamie hooked a sister up with a Starbucks Venti cold cup, its the size of a Trenta.
 Serious monstrosity.

Monday morning, I took my parents to the airport.
I am there personal shuttle driver.
With a Schnoodle on board.

I also got a few new office supplies.
Happiness is the arrival of an Office Depot order.
Iced coffee is a perfect summer bev.
Starbucks seems to have realized this, and wants to capitalize on that market.

That afternoon, I ran a quick errand at Mollie Stones. 
And the carousel that was there during my Starbucks run in the morning, had been replaced.
By Pumba?

And, last night, Mylie had a MUCH needed bath. She is about halfway dry here. 
So relieved.
And SO happy. 
She goes from extremely sad in the water, to insanely happy when she is drying out.
She looks pretty scrappy.
But once dry, she fluffs right up.

Quite a week it has been!!!
Catch ya on the next one! :)

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  1. your tags on the pics are a hoot. seriously and that pumba is seriously weird. mylie rocks the squeeky clean look!

  2. oh my heck! too fun!
    you have the coolest insta photos! xo

  3. love the faux labeler :) and new sharpie click it colors!!! I might go crazy.. I love those pens so much and now must buy the new colors. I used to use them at Starbucks, it made cups extra pretty

  4. WHAT A CUTE APP thingie! i love it! i might have download it and play around. love your blog, glad to be your newest follower, found you through life rearranged. totally love that you love Jesus too!


  5. need to try the iced coffee asap!

  6. cool app!!
    and, be still my heart...sharpies! my favesies!

  7. love love love...the tags o the app, i am downloading that right now!!! so creative! love your blog!

  8. I love that you had a Schnuttle Service! I died laughing when I read that! Your Schnoodle is adorable and super cute!

    I love me some office supplies. Congrats on the new colors!

  9. oh my goodness...SO fun!!! I am going to download that app ASAP! What a great insta-friday set!

  10. you had me at label maker.

    kim, you might just be the coolest person i "know."

  11. I so want that app. Still Wishin I had an iPhone. xxO

  12. I'm visiting from Insta-Friday. I love your dog. So cute!! And I'm obsessed with new sharpies too.

  13. The tags are so cute! They bring something special to your great pictures. Your dog is so cute.

  14. Label maker? Yes please! Downloading it right away.
    You should give the PW iced coffee a shot. It's so nice to have a yummy iced coffee in less time than it would take to make a regular, hot cup!
    And have you tried the bic permanent markers? I love me a sharpie, but the ultra fine bics write great and come in some fabulous colors! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Love the label maker, going to find out if they make it for Droid! :)

  16. I. LOVE. THIS.

    Labeling should be an Olympic sport.
    And when it is, you are the gold medal winner.

    Getting this now.


  17. new to your blog- these images are so cute! i'm going to have to go find that app now. :)