Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bride Day: A Fancy Day in San Francisco

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cari.

And she visited a high school youth group one night.

That youth group was headed to the beach.

For Taco Bell.

And a sunset.

That girl wore a purple, fuzzy, Kangol bucket hat.

And was driven by one of the high school leaders, Kim.

Cari eventually started hanging around youth group more, coming to Sunday School, and eventually joining a Bible Study that met at Kim's house.

Cari grew older, and wiser, and more in love with Jesus each day.

Cari and Kim eventually, became true friends.

Then, Cari met a boy.

His name is Jordan.

Jordan reallllllly likes Cari.

So he asked her to marry him.

(And Kim and a lot of other friends, drove out to Cari's house for a surprise party upon their debut as an engaged couple).

Cari asked Kim to stand by her side on her wedding day, as one of her bridesmaids.

Which, Kim gladly and happily accepted.

Now, Kim gets to accompany Cari on fun Bride Days in the city.

(Not Cari's)

To a very Frou-Frou, Frenchie, Chi-Chi bridal salon, run by a woman named Marie.

You don't mess with Marie.

Marie has rules.

You follow them.

When Marie says do, you do.

When she says don't, you don't.

When she says alterations by Marjorie, you go.

But Marjorie has rules too.

Do not call her until your dress is in hand.

Marjorie actually called Cari while she had the dress ON.

That's the way it works at the Frenchie Place.

Marjorie is a Native American woman, with a Russian last name, who was wearing a Star of David.

So Marjorie pinned. And folded. And hemmed. And tucked.

And Kim, and Mama Cheryl, and Aunt Annette poured champagne.

Followed by chocolate covered strawberries.

Aunt Annette came prepared.

She even brought the crystal champagne flutes.

And they left Marjorie with the bottle.

Later, the four ladies went to tea.

In Ghirardelli Square.

The tea salon was fun and whimsical.

And a little quirky.

But the sandwiches and scones were delightful.

The tea was fabulous.

Of course, the Ladies ordered the "Paris Blend."

And no tea is complete without a few sweet treats.

Truly, a lovely day in the City for a Beautiful Bride, her mama, and two friends.

And soon, but not too soon, just the right amount of soon, Cari and Jordan will live Happily Ever After, in a different, yet still beautiful city.

Linking this up with The Rusted Chain's Finger Print Friday - I love seeing how God has grown Cari over the years, how our friendship is because of and centered on Jesus, and how he is working in and through her and Jordan. Amen!


  1. How fun! I met my hubby in church youth group too! It's definitely the way to go (at least for us!)! Congrats to Jordan and Cari!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to prep for their upcoming I Do's. Fun!!

  3. What fun! I bet the tea was awesome.

  4. Aw, what a lovely day! The tea looks pretty amazing, too. :)

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)