Tuesday, July 12, 2011

S'More Fun Finds!

So, last year, I took a cruise to the Baltic Sea.
I travelled to seven countries in twelve days - England, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden.

In Finland I bought this purse at this store that reminded me a lot of H&M. Every purse was only 30 Euros. I bought one for me, and one as a gift for my sister.

Thirty Euros is so cheap!

Except it's not thirty dollars.

I kinda seemed to forget this fact the whole time I was traveling. 

Like I know the conversion was about 1.5x the dollar. But, somehow when shopping that fun fact would just go right out the window. 

Anyway...that's not the point.

The point is, in February, I was shopping with my mom, and my favorite finnish bag just slipped right off my shoulder. The strap broke!

I didn't realize to later how much I loved this purse! Boo hoo. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to pull it out and figure out what exactly it would take to get it repaired.

I drove to this local leather store that has been around since I was a kid.

The only other time I went there was probably in 1992 to buy hot pink and hot green lanyard string to weave a super cool keychain. 

You know you make them too.

Anyway, my sister and I pulled up, purse in hand, and as we looked up, a woman was closing the door to the leather store. And behind her was a sign, that read "After 25 years in business, Tandy's Leather is relocating to San Bruno. Effective 6/25/11".  It was 6/25/11. 

Really? I haven't been to your store in almost 20 years, and TODAY you close?


So, later I consulted my dad, and he told me about a shoe repair place, about a block down from the leather store. 

I took my favorite Finnish find in and it will be ready in just a few short days!

Meanwhile, I decided to pop into the Goodwill across the street, and see if there were any fun spray-paintables. 

And then....I saw it.

If you don't know, THAT little gem is a S'More Maker!!!

Betsy has one.
And I have been asking her to bring it home for THREE, yes THREE summers now.
She never has.
I have looked online to buy one myself.
The only one I have found is $80.
I think someone is pulling a scam.
I'm pretty sure I could have bought this at Bed Bath and Beyond three years ago for $25 or something.

I got it last week for FIVE.

I almost had a coronary right there in the Goodwill. I was so scared someone was going to try and buy it out from under me I picked it up and made a beeline for the register.

Okay...no one was really going to try and take it. I think I was just suffering a bit of the crazy...

So, I made sure to pick up the much needed accessories...

and Reeses.

I have been dying to try this whole candy bar on a s'more instead of a Hershey bar thing, and the opportunity had knocked.

And check that out. Hershey Special Dark.
Way better than regular Hershey.
And way more special.

Oh, and did I mention...
I spray painted the tray.
Which is actually a Lazy Susan.

Poor Susan, I'm not really sure what she did to deserve that name.

And, I hit the deck.

Well, went outside and sat on it is more accurate.

Lit the sterno.
And got to roasting.

I was kind of doubting the power of the sterno.
But that thing will catch a mallow on fire before you even know it.
A quick sizzle, and you are up in flames.

First, Special Dark.

And then, Reeses.

And after that, I can neither confirm nor deny how many plain roasted marshmallows were consumed.

But if you're my friend - the invitation is open to come on over and enjoy a s'more with me.

You may just need to BYO Mallow. ;)


  1. Incredible! Seriously, such a cool kitchen gadget. It reminds me that I need to bust out my sliders pan I found at GoodWill last year for $2!

  2. Oh my goodness! That looks like a party on a lazy Susan! (poor me, why DO they call it that?!) Fun fun! So, which one was your fave- the regular Hershey's or the Reese's? I do love the special dark though-- that would be my guess as to which won.

  3. hahha I love euros. I still have 30 euros IN COINS in one of my purses from when I lived in Spain. I also (chose) to forget about the conversion. But I was pretty much living off my father's dime (ah, the benefits of a parent's guilty conscience) so I didn't care. I would go to the coffee place and get a (shot glass sized) cafe con leche for only 1.20 euros. I always thought it was so cheap until I remembered the conversion rate. :) Also, I had a smore thingy like that! But I got rid of it in college. :/

  4. this little contraption is genius! I can't wait to come over and try it! I've tried s'mores with Mr. Goodbar and a kit kat and those are yummy too :)

  5. YUM! love the reeses idea. could be my favorite s'more yet. Don't be surprised if I show up at your door one of these days with s'mores ingredients...

  6. I'm not sure what I like more the smore maker or the idea of using reece's!

  7. YAY! I'm so glad you found a way to have s'mores on your deck! You need a s'mores kit now! And weren't the Reese's s'mores insanely good?!? YUM!

  8. What a great deal! Peanut butter cups would be great on a s'more.

  9. I will happily BMO Mallow.
    Name the time.


  10. goodness, you're fancy!
    i wanna come over. what a great find!!
    flaming marshies are my fave.
    well, when they are done flaming-i don't eat flame. weirdo.

  11. kim, i love you...for your s'more maker!

    it's so beautiful.
    and when you add all the s'more goodies, it becomes even more ravishing!

    i have s'more envy.
    i want one.
    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed one.
    where can i get one???

    and "mallow" why is it spelled marshmallow?

    PLEASE BRING THIS TO BLOG SUGAR,and we can find a discreet (away from all the other s'more love'n bloggers) and fire it up and eat s'mores together!!!!

  12. i just showed it to my kids... they are crying. they NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED one too. with {reeces}