Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Fun: The Miscellany

Just a few photos from the weekend....

An amazing "prize pack" from this girl.
Including an amazing cross.

S'mores and herbal tea with Marge.
In the construction zone.

A fun walk with my pup.
More on that tomorrow...
But a little sneak peek...

(And linking up these two shots for Sweet Shot Tuesday)
Sweet Shot Day

And finally, Ellen, Pam and I hit the streets around the school we meet at. 
And invited people in the neighborhood to come to church and hear about Jesus.
And their kids to the park to our 5-Day kids club to hear about Him too.

Going door to door is literally not my cuppa tea.
But Jesus is.
And serving him too.
Even though its hard.
And uncomfortable.
The Lord was faithful. He truly provided the courage.
Praise Him for that!

You can pray that God would use something as simple as a paper flyer, a small body that meets in an elementary school, or a fun kids club at the local parks to draw people in this community to Himself.

And finally, the biker gang grew by one more. Documented with blurry iphone pix.
Welcome to it, Ellen!

Happy Monday! <3

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  1. i'm throwing a "camping" shower and i'm all about s'more stuff right now!

  2. what a great weekend!

    i have done door-to-door kiddo invitaions for bible clubs and stuff, too. it is super beautiful. it gets easier the more often you do it!

    i love you.

  3. What a wonderful weekend! The s'mores look yummy!

  4. I luv the mug in the first pic with the tea..adorable. Wish I was there to hop on my bike with ya'll. Looks like fun...

  5. Thanks for the Biker Gang shout out! :) It was so fun...
    Praying for the Bible Club too!! Thanks for your help yesterday, you are the best!!

  6. what a great weekend! tea and smores ... delish! i love the biker gang .. i'd so be a part!

  7. pretty sure i need a copy of me and mockingjay. thanks :)

    ps, SOOOO glad we got to ride on sun! can't wait for this sun!

  8. I really like your second sweet shot. What is it?

  9. props to you. i hate going door to door. i hate it so much that i've never done it. I would however do it for jesus.
    is that a fire hydrant?