Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

Technically, Happy 5th!! :)

Here was my 4th...

I did a little spray painting...more on that in another post. Rustoleum and I are having some issues. We are trying to work things out...

In order to get my mind off of that disaster...I baked my s'more pies.
In jars.

They were my best s'more-venture yet. I even roasted the marshmallows by flipping on the broiler for a minute or two.

Note: Jar baking takes almost twice as long as non jar baking. Good to know...

My Grandma is, and has always been, quite the party animal. She is known for her world famous New Years Eve and 4th of July Parties.

The new years parties have been retired for about a decade. But 4th of July lives on...
Not going is not an option.

And she does NOT skimp on decorations.

It is like Betsy Ross came over and decorated the place herself....

Grandma was so busy hostessing - she didn't even get a chance to put her other shoe and sock on. My cousin Janel and I were there talking to her for about 20 minutes before we even noticed. She STILL never stopped to fix it. I have a feeling she was one shoed the whole day.

The best part of Grandma's house (aside from Old Glory in every form imaginable) - is her pool.
But there are a few rules. 
These are non-negotiables.
Particularly #5. 
Break that rule. And you won't be invited back. 

For the record, the youngest grandchild is 18 now. But it's always nice to have a potty reminder.

Iced Americano. Refilled with a Diet Coke.
Those two beverages are probably the reason I'm writing this post at 11:30 at night.

Not Mylie. My cousin's dog, Spartan. Mylie and Spartan don't really hang out much.

After making an appearance at Grandma's, I headed over to the Johnson's - and crashed joined their family dinner.

According to Ashlyn, the plans for the night were, "First eat. Then, Ice Cream. THEN, FIREWORKS. THEN, MICKEY MOUSE"

Got it. Girl has priorities. I was on board for all of it.

After dinner, we drove to our "secret spot" - um, along with a few hundred other people - and then walked over to the middle of Hillsdale Blvd in Foster City to watch the fireworks.

Super huge thanks to Betsy for snagging an awesome location. And to Ellen for bringing the Red Vines. Critical x2.

This may have been the warmest firework night in all of our history of Foster City Fireworks.
The best part is laying on the brick ground - warm from the heat of the day, is perfect as the evening temperatures drop.

I think Betsy and I have been firework snuggle buddies since 2004.

And that's another 4th of July for the books.

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  1. Kim, that's the crazy texture I got on my jars with the Rustoleum! Maybe it's not the humidity like we thought? I can't wait to read your Rustoleum post!

  2. what a fancy fourth! even though i've never met her, i love your grandma. with my whole heart.

  3. one socked betsy is KILLING me. your gma IS the best. would have liked commentary on the patriotic newlyweds. what is with that hat? that should have made gma's rule board. LOVE that you crashed.

  4. love the s'mores in a jar! and I miss the Foster City fireworks so much. And, I aspire to be as awesome as your grandma when I grow up.

  5. i'm loving the smores! gotta try it!!

  6. Your grandma's pool rules are AWESOME. I want to make the same ones for our pool. Classic.

  7. I laughed so hard! Your grandma is sooo cute....I wish she was mine!

  8. Oh my goodness, your Grandma is amazing!! What a fun Fourth!

  9. smores baked pies... YUM! happy 5th. hee-hee.
    i dropped by fromlife made lovely

  10. How funny is your grandma's pool list?! Love the potty reminder. Too cute!

  11. What a fun day! :) Thanks for the shout out!! I will supply the Red Vines any time, I feel like we've not made a dent in the 5lb. bin yet. Let me know when you need another fix.

  12. I HEART YOUR GRANDMA! love her. love her. looovvvveee her!

    "do not get grandma's hair wet!" that is my favorite. i am so on the same page with your grandma. do not mess with my hair.

    and s'more's are my favorite. my ABSOLUTE favorite. i am so going to make that mason jar dessert.

  13. this is SO cute and hilarious :)

  14. These look delish! Love the rules! Found you at 30 days handmade!