Friday, July 29, 2011

Insta Friday: Bird Update and a Few Randoms Edition

I was quiet on the Insta this week.

After last weeks uber-boring-but-you-guys-were-too-kind-and-said-it-wasnt post...I tried to be a bit more selective with my artsy shots.

More artsy.
Less fartsy.

And a few birds.

These little guys got relocated across the walkway....from above the Emergency Exit above the fire alarm.

I don't think it was their first choice.

But they are really good at making a house nest a home.

I think their motto is, home is where your heart egg is.

Because, despite the first attempt above the fire alarm not being successful, they tried and tried again.

Doesn't she look so happy? So proud of the little home she built?

Unfortunately, their little messes REALLY don't help them stay incognito. And the maintenance guy evicted them, again.

Boo. Hiss.

I consoled myself with a cuppa tea. In my new mug. That I got at the tea salon on Saturday.
Which reminds me, my blogiversary is coming blogiversary announcement, coming SOON. :)
I am kinda excited about it. And hope you are, or at least will be, too! 

And, lastly,

I hung out with the kidlets on Sunday AM. It was a small crowd.
And we did a lot of coloring.
And by we, I really mean we. I colored too.
And this cutie-pie hogged the aqua crayon the whole time.
Seriously. My color pages needed some aqua love.
And it wasn't gonna happen.
At least she has good taste.

Thanks for a fun week on the bloggity blog! See you all Monday!

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  1. Ohhh!! I love that mug!! My husband told me to quit buying them but I won't listen ;)

    Visiting you via Life Rearranged!!! stop on over to see me.


  2. My girl loves her blue. Kind of a robins egg, right? In honor of the birds. RIP.

  3. That was the perfect amount of artsy! Love that mug ;)

  4. I'm rooting for the birds... FACT!
    Thanks for being faithful to serve with the kiddies, even when the aqua crayon is being hogged!! :) You are the best!!

  5. I love that mug! Thanks for sharing. I hopped over from LifeRearranged because I like your blog name a lot :-).

  6. "home is where your egg is," i love cuppakim!

    shhh, don't tell anyone, but i missed you on vacay!

  7. Artsy fartsy? Cute birds in their nests? Kids doing art? I think we were on the same wavelength this week! ;) Great pics!!

  8. I've been following the bird saga. I hope they can find a permanent home soon! :)

    Oh, and you can't blame a girl for wanting to hog the aqua crayon. I totally would!!

  9. Yes that was me! You found my blog. I am just getting started and it's taking me longer to learn than I thought it would. Ha. Funny how everything takes longer than you expect it :-). I will have an InstaFriday post next week, because I have no pictures to use this week! Now, once the baby comes, I'm sure I'll have plenty. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. Boo on the maintenance man.

  11. ohemgee the birdies!!
    that mug is fabulous. FABULOUS.
    you are indeed an insta queen. i said so.

  12. love the new mug and I'm still really angry about the bird situation. Just let them live evil maintenance man!

  13. Congrats on the upcoming blogiversary! How exciting! :-D

  14. The nest is in such a creative location.

  15. less fartsy is def the way to go. the mug is divine.