Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Birds are Back in Town...for now.

I got a lot of positive feedback from THIS POST.

And many condolences when I reported back that the awesome little nest only lasted only a week.


But, I have news for you...

I have a couple of new neighbors.

The birds are back.

Well, maybe not the same birds...

But these guys are "nesting" in a common spot.

And I usually discover them because they are messy.

This time was no exception.

This was one of the messiest  encounters I have had.

These birds were building on prime real estate. Right above the Emergency Exit light.

When I happened upon them, I think they were in the throes of building their new home...
I don't think they were quite ready for visitors. 

But, I  was able to capture a shot of one of the homeowners.

I have been away from my place since I saw them over the I'm not sure of the fate of these guys.

They don't have the appropriate permits, and their construction zone wasn't exactly "flying under the radar," so the on-site maintenance guy may have brought in a demo crew.

And on Monday, when our construction workers arrived, they may have been enlightened to the fact that all was not peaceful and good in the hood.

But, at least for a day, they got to enjoy their quaint little love shack.

Linking these little guys up with Heather:

And sad news, this nest is gone...but these guys aren't discouraged. A little update to come on Friday. :)


  1. So sweet! That, however, will make Kim from Yep, the blog creep out. :)

  2. LOL. my dad never lets them stay either...poor birds.

  3. I bet they didn't know that they needed permits.

  4. oh goodness. we may have to come visit. i think we may have some potential homeowners on our front porch. no nest yet. they are scouting.

  5. aww they are so cute! leave the birds alonnneeeeee!

  6. Doves, how fun! :) Keep us posted!!

  7. sweetness! i absolutely adore birdies...and am also creeped out by them...but totally love them and jealous you have bird friends!

  8. how sweet ... hope they are there to stay for a little while.

  9. That's adorable!! Your post made me smile!