Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This past week my parents were traveling, so I have been hanging out with these two crazies:

The one on the left has allergies to immunizations and can't go beyond the end of the street.
The other has more energy than a junior higher at an overnighter.
She needs walkies.
Her mama needs the walkies too.
So it works out well.

Do you see that face?
Do you see the view?
It doesn't get much happier than that!

She gets a report card after each walk.
Usually when she walks with my dad she gets an A-
With my sister, her average is a B-/C+
But with me, her mama, she is always on her best behavior, A+ all around.

Since we have been walking everyday, and since I don't have to make Mylie behave, 
I have been observing so many gorgeous flowers.
And decided to make it a little nature walk.

I want a garden.
With all of them.
And not have to do any of the maintenance.
They make gardens like that right?

Smiles doesn't seem to care much about the flowers.
The only thing she cares about is "visiting" her BFF, Spikey.
Spikey is a girl, BTW.

Mylie cries the whole time we walk by Spikey's house. 
Spikey comes out to see her, and then Mylie gets spooked and is NOT interested.

As much as she loves her walkies,
she is always happiest when I let her off her leash,
and she is free to run the rest of the way home.

And yep, she got straight A's this week.
Girl is on the HONOR ROLL!


  1. Oh my goodness! How cute is she?! I'm in love! We've been playing keep away with Scout this week and she's been loving that, as have I when it makes her quite obedient the rest of the time! Haha! I have a friend here with a dog named Smiles. Too fun!

  2. Those pictures of the garden are so beautiful.. and all of the colors, oh my.
    I'm with you..I want a garden, too_with no maintenance, please.

  3. So fun! Your pup is so adorable. I love that she looks like she's smiling. :)

  4. no idea how i missed this post but, you freakin cracked me up when you said the cute little doggie "has more energy than a junior higher at an overnighter" that's a lot of dang energy. when we have sleepovers the boys always wake me up at 3am(& not on purpose). no joke. that's when they are loudest. LOL!

  5. AWe, the puppies... I am dying to get a goldendoodle.