Monday, September 30, 2013


Monday, I have no words for you.
So let's just talk about the weekend, shall we?

1.  Give Thanks. The thankful season is my absolute favorite.Why not kick it off a bit early.
2.  Pulverizing Ginger Cats
3. I'm so glad I live in a world with pumpkin cheesecakes.
4. Lock up.
5. Sup, Saturday.
6. Farewell, 2013 Season.
7. Leaf Peepers have returned. With old folks arts & crafts. Or old farts & crafts.
8. Sister. Schnoodle. Homeland.
9. Daily mom dog texts have returned. This was a cute one.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Adventures in Housesitting

So, I mentioned in my last post, that I've been housesitting for my parents for the past week and a half. What I haven't really mentioned on this blog is that a few years back Mylie mostly began to live at their house (it's a long complicated story, but the bottom line is her and my dad are inseparable) and I visit her every day on lunch, some days after work, and try to take her home to my house for sleepovers and things like that at least 1 or 2 nights a week. I also pay all her grooming and vet bills. She can be a pricey pooch. So even though her and my dad are best of buds, I'm her mama.

Anyway, housesitting means that Mylie and I get to hang out every day, all day. Except for those few pesky hours I'm at work.

And my parents' dog, Chloe, is there too. Oh, Chloe.
She and I are fairweather friends. It took about 2 days of my parents absence for her to warm up to me. And now, she is the lap dog I've always wanted. Mylie, should take some notes.

Early Wednesday of last week, Mylie and I schnuttled the parental units off to SFO where they flew back east to visit family and explore New England. 

Meanwhile, back at home, the three of us did a lot of this:

And this:

We also did some walking...(a lot of walking)

And stalking (of our famous neighbors who are demoing their house).

Some patrolling...(for squirrels)

Some harvesting... (and watering. I did not realize I signed up for gardensitting as well).


But the best part of our days is the morning...

We fetch the paper...

And watch the sunrise...

I sip a cuppa tea, while the girls explore the front yard...

Chloe gets a good morning stretch.

And while I get ready this is usually where I find Mylie...

Except, I know she is starting to miss my mom by the fact that I found her curled up in her chair yesterday morning. She never sits on this chair.

But don't worry, she got plenty of belly rubs...

Along with a few special visitors...

Sometimes being "home" feels just as good as actually being home. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weekendlies: Happy Fall, Y'all

Lately I have kinda skimped on the blog posts. 
Summer has turned to fall. This weekend. Officially. And otherwise. 
Friday night, My sister had a fun little dinner to kick it off. I brought the ever elusive Macaron Prosecco, macarons (both birthday gifts from Ellen), pumpkin ale, and three fallen leaves. 

My sis made beef burginon and Sprinkles cupcakes. I want to go to a fall party every weekend.
She also gifted me with pumpkin spice scone mix and the cutest hedgehog measuring cups. Nothing says fall like spending Saturday mornings baking. 
After the scones, Mylie and I got a walk in as a storm started to brew. We made it home just as heavy raindrops began to plop on our heads. I reheated my coffee and we sat under the cover of the front porch and enjoyed the first rain of the season. 

And there was a girls night to the city to see Ben Rector & Tyrone Wells. At the Fillmore. And of course a little dinner and drinks around the corner before the show.

The Fillmore is quite possibly my favorite San Francisco venue. Mostly because there is so much history there. 
Both my parents grew up locally. I love thinking about the bands they saw there. (Or at the Fillmore West which was more their era).
Their equivalent of my Needtobreathe, Mat Kearney, Ben Rector.
I loved exploring the poster wall imagining which ones they were at.
Which, according to my dad was Santana, Paul Butterfield, It's a Beautiful Day,Quicksilver, Jefferson Airplane and more he can't remember.

This week I have been staying at my parents while they explore New England in the fall. Trying hard not to be jealous. 
But in the mean time, Smiles and I are enjoying some gorgeous sunrises and walks with a view. 

Sunday afternoon involved quite a few snuggles with this little miss. I really like her. I am hoping its mutual. 
Smiles and I rounded off the weekend with another afternoon walk. The views aren't too shabby either.

And now the weekend is over, and fall has officially begun. 

Happy Fall, Y'all.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 on 10: September 2013

Hello, there!
Happy September to you all!

Started the day with a cuppa tea in the mug I got in Holland. 
It's one of my favorites. I picked it today for a really special reason. 

Headed to work. 
With a little happy mail that needed to be sent out.

And then kept hydrated while working.

Lunch break with this girl.
Her eyes kill me. Every time. 

Passion Iced Tea.
2 Splenda.
It's a weakness. 

Some afternoon biz.

My friend Margaret is headed to Ireland for a month.
I'm taking her to the airport at 5am, so she's staying overnight in my guest loft.
She'll be having a birthday while there.
So I threw her a mini-pre-celebration.
Complete with a giant cupcake.

We dined al fresco on caprese salads (with Burrata Cheese instead of Mozzarella, try it!) and sparkling peach wine.

While Mylie enjoyed the fresh air. 
Resting up for the early AM Schnuttle service.
And it's gonna be early. PTL I'm 2 exits from the airport. PTL.

Happy {Early} Birthday, Margaret.
See ya in a month!

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and doing some last minute chatting on the deck.
A typical windy SM evening, but warm enough to stay out there for a while.

A pretty fun day for your typical Tuesday with a twist.

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