Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Shenanigans {All The Photos!}

And just like that, summer is over.
Sure, we probably have the hottest days of the year left around here, Indian Summer is no joke, but with the celebration of my birthday, it signifies to me the end of the long days, free schedules, and days of travel.

Between the big events and trips have been plenty of shenanigans and mini adventures.

Adventures, baseball, beaches, bikes, birthdays, cakes, concerts, cupcakes, firepits, schnoodles, sky parties, s'mores, ukulele jam seshes, and a lightning storm thrown in there too.

And I just have to get them all in the record books! 


Farewell, Summer.
It's been real.


  1. The sandy Mylie nose is my fave! Looks like you had a GREAT summer!

  2. sand on doggie noses is the best! What an epic summer!

  3. Love the coordinating bike outfits.

  4. what i have to say about these pics is that you have had some great hair days.