Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 on 10: September 2013

Hello, there!
Happy September to you all!

Started the day with a cuppa tea in the mug I got in Holland. 
It's one of my favorites. I picked it today for a really special reason. 

Headed to work. 
With a little happy mail that needed to be sent out.

And then kept hydrated while working.

Lunch break with this girl.
Her eyes kill me. Every time. 

Passion Iced Tea.
2 Splenda.
It's a weakness. 

Some afternoon biz.

My friend Margaret is headed to Ireland for a month.
I'm taking her to the airport at 5am, so she's staying overnight in my guest loft.
She'll be having a birthday while there.
So I threw her a mini-pre-celebration.
Complete with a giant cupcake.

We dined al fresco on caprese salads (with Burrata Cheese instead of Mozzarella, try it!) and sparkling peach wine.

While Mylie enjoyed the fresh air. 
Resting up for the early AM Schnuttle service.
And it's gonna be early. PTL I'm 2 exits from the airport. PTL.

Happy {Early} Birthday, Margaret.
See ya in a month!

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and doing some last minute chatting on the deck.
A typical windy SM evening, but warm enough to stay out there for a while.

A pretty fun day for your typical Tuesday with a twist.

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  1. you're adorable and your day looks like it was so lovely...good luck in the morning :)

  2. SO FUN!
    so glad i ran into her at the hospital, was sad i was gonna miss her.
    also, can i dine al fresco for my birthday present, please?

  3. Oh! I just adored your set. You are a good friend. I loved the giant cupcake and I'm envious of your dinner. Yum. I'm glad I stopped by. Enjoy your early morning. Sometimes they make days long but sometimes they make you thoroughly soak up every minute. Life is good.

    PS. Passion tea is a must-have of mine as well. Brewed strong, hot, no sugar. :)


  4. best. 10 on 10. EVER.
    thanks for all.
    you da best.

  5. You are a wonderful friend Kim!

  6. I want to eat that caprese salad right now. I do NOT want that passion tea. Gross.

    You're such a great friend.

  7. Love the little birthday celebration, what a nice friend you are.

  8. I adore your handbag it's so nice! Colour is gorgeous.

    How cute is that birthday surprise stuff? That's a really sweet thing to do for Margaret and mini birthday before her birthday!


  9. I adore Passion Tea. It was the drink I requested someone get me stat about 45 minutes before I walked up the aisle. Everyone was freaking out that I would get it on my wedding dress. As if I had a habit of dribbling.

    Also, caprese is one of my best friends.

  10. You're right, that cupcake is bigger than her head! HBD Margaret! :-) Schnuttle for the win!

  11. caprese = yum.
    i need your mailing address. please.

  12. That caprese salad looks heavenly! Enjoyed looking at your photographs of the day.

  13. you and your loft want me to come for a visit. :)