Friday, September 27, 2013

Adventures in Housesitting

So, I mentioned in my last post, that I've been housesitting for my parents for the past week and a half. What I haven't really mentioned on this blog is that a few years back Mylie mostly began to live at their house (it's a long complicated story, but the bottom line is her and my dad are inseparable) and I visit her every day on lunch, some days after work, and try to take her home to my house for sleepovers and things like that at least 1 or 2 nights a week. I also pay all her grooming and vet bills. She can be a pricey pooch. So even though her and my dad are best of buds, I'm her mama.

Anyway, housesitting means that Mylie and I get to hang out every day, all day. Except for those few pesky hours I'm at work.

And my parents' dog, Chloe, is there too. Oh, Chloe.
She and I are fairweather friends. It took about 2 days of my parents absence for her to warm up to me. And now, she is the lap dog I've always wanted. Mylie, should take some notes.

Early Wednesday of last week, Mylie and I schnuttled the parental units off to SFO where they flew back east to visit family and explore New England. 

Meanwhile, back at home, the three of us did a lot of this:

And this:

We also did some walking...(a lot of walking)

And stalking (of our famous neighbors who are demoing their house).

Some patrolling...(for squirrels)

Some harvesting... (and watering. I did not realize I signed up for gardensitting as well).


But the best part of our days is the morning...

We fetch the paper...

And watch the sunrise...

I sip a cuppa tea, while the girls explore the front yard...

Chloe gets a good morning stretch.

And while I get ready this is usually where I find Mylie...

Except, I know she is starting to miss my mom by the fact that I found her curled up in her chair yesterday morning. She never sits on this chair.

But don't worry, she got plenty of belly rubs...

Along with a few special visitors...

Sometimes being "home" feels just as good as actually being home. 


  1. oh the pic of them both on the bed looking at you...PRECIOUS! Oh and Hewitt says "Bow WOW, Mylie!"

  2. the pic of you and mylie on the bed was taken on a sunday. anyway, i can't believe you didn't catphotoshop any of these!

  3. so.... what you're saying is if i want mylie to come for a visit then your parents must come, too. i'm cool with that. :)

  4. Love the photo of Mylie and Holland!! So cute!!

  5. Love the photo of Mylie and Holland!! So cute!!

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