Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mug Swap 2013: The Final Report & Link Up

The Mug Swap, by the numbers:

Total Participants: 877
American Participants: 829
Canadian Participants: 20
International Participants: 28
Countries Represented: US, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Germany, Spain, France, Slovakia, and Turkey
States Represented: 50
Coffee Drinkers: 583
Tea Drinkers: 177
Hot Chocolate Drinkers: 108
1st Time Mug Swappers: 754
2nd Time Mug Swappers: 104
3rd Time Mug Swappers: 17
Instagrams with the #mugswap2013: 1608

Thank you to KatyGirl, who was the button designer & recipient of approximately 3471 texts regarding this swap.

Thank you to Steve Jobs  (may he RIP), for the greatest invention of all time and AT&T and my unlimited texting and data plan.

Thank you to Sergey Brin, provider of all things Google, and the magical form and mail merge spreadsheet which made sending 877 emails possible, without sacrificing my sanity. 

Thank you to THIS guy for his YouTube tutorial on sending mail merges via Google Docs.

Thank you to Instagram, for being the coolest social media app in the world - allowing for a little blogiversary celebration to go viral, and connecting me with hilarious people who send me things like this:

Thank you to the Mug Swap sponsors, many of whom reached out to me offering giveaway goodies, and who received an average of 3 emails each, full of annoying questions from me, because I'm new at this.

Thank you to my Keurig, for taking an insane amount of mug pics for instagramming purposes, as well as fueling each day.

Thanks to all of you for wanting to participate in something like this, and for making the mug swap the fun that it is! Which is the whole reason I do it, because it's FUN.

Thank you to those of you willing to go above and beyond, who replaced broken mugs, sent mugs to those whose didn't show up, sent me kind and encouraging emails, and who have just done lovely things for one another.

Thank you to Susan, Jaime,  Lesley, Hannah, Jenna, Christine, & Rachel who sent some awesome goodies to me. You ladies spoiled me rotten.

Thank you to mugs everywhere for being willing to fly through the skies. From east to west, and west to east. To leave stocked full shelves in Targets, Anthropologie, and World Markets, to join motley mug collections in cupboards across the globe.

And finally, Thank you to the USPS, who, as we all know, are the real heroes of the Mug Swap.
Hug a mail carrier today!

And a few more business related items:
1. If you haven't gotten your mug yet, and you haven't contacted me about it, please email me: cuppakim@gmail.com 
2. If you have gotten your mug but haven't contacted your sender to let them know you did & say thank you, please do so! If you're a sender and wondering if they got it, shoot them a quick email to confirm.
3. The link up will be open all month, so if you don't have a blog post yet (or your mug yet), link up when you do!
4. I'm a huge dork and asked you whether you liked coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. It only took me two weeks after sending out the assignments to realize I forgot to include this information on the assignments.
5. Lastly, come back and check the link ups when you can! I think there are some really awesome mug stories out there!

Alright, and for the last number, LINK UPS. How many is it gonna be? Write your post, include this button, and link up below!
Mug Swap!


  1. OG 17 represent. Also, I'm really glad Holland waited. And I feel like she should be listed as a country represented. This is so fun, Kim! Thanks for all your hard work in prepping it. Next year, hire KK as an assistant. Because I think you might need reinforcements. And 12,378 will sign up. I'm already nervous.

  2. I've said it before. I'll say it again. You are awesome.

  3. ^^^ i agree with lesley... thanks for the fun!

  4. Such a fantastic swap!! Thank you so much for creating & organizing. Can't wait for next year!!

    Jessica @ Kate & Trudy

  5. thanks for all your hard work to make this so fun for everyone, kim! great job :) can't wait for 2014!

  6. You are awesome!! I am crossing my fingers that I get my mug today!!!

  7. Those numbers are CRAZY! I'm surprised by the low number of original swappers, though. I thought it'd be higher for some reason. You did a fantastic job as always, and I promise to blog it soon so I can link up.

    I'm afraid Jessica will be right and next year will be even more ridonculous in terms of sign-ups. Crazytown!

  8. Thanks for organizing this Kim! Wow, looking at the stats, I didn't realize what a huge undertaking this was for you. I bet you didn't either when you started it 3 yrs ago, huh? This was my first time mugswapping. I had so much fun. Thank you for that! Looking forward to next year, xoxo.

  9. So much fun! And those stats are amazing -- 877 mugs of joy flying through the mail, wow. :) THANK YOU!

  10. Thanks for all your hard work, Kim!

  11. This is so awesome :) I wish I would have dine it lol Maybe next time!

  12. Love my mug from Ingrid! I don't believe I got her email address though, so hopefully she sees this! So much fun :) Will do again next year!

  13. So fun, Kim! Thanks for all your work! I loved the numbers you included.

    Last year I adapted your mug swap idea for our church's women's retreat. This weekend we are doing it again. It's a little sweet and a little vicious because if you see one you like you can steal it away. Fun times!

    Looking forward to next year!

  14. the best part about this mugswap post is the video.

  15. Really excited I found you & this swap, and I'm so looking forward to taking part in it next year. I'll be following until then from Bloglovin'! :)

    -Lauren @ Going Green: Our Army Adventure

  16. Wow, what a celebration!

    I'm still enjoying my mug from the 1st mug swap.

    The Mylie mug is fantastic.

  17. So fun!! I'm glad I found this swap in time! I didn't receive a mug but I am still going to sign up next year. It was a blast hunting for the perfect mug for Bibi!

  18. Thanks for all your hard work!! Hoping mine comes today :))

  19. i would just like to say that i am extremely sad that i found your site AFTER Mug Swap. I love mugs so much that i have run out of cupboard space for them since my husband seems to think that we need to keep other dishes in the same cupboard?!? what is up with that?! wierdo. Anyways though i am now super excited for next year so that i can participate in the 4th annual mug swap!

  20. Reading all the posts is so much fun. THANK YOU for hosting such a fun and amazing event! I can't wait till next year to do it again!

  21. Mine is up! I had such a great time doing this. Thank you for all that you did to get this going!!!

  22. so cool. I want to participate in the next one!

  23. Kim I didn't say this before and wanted to take a minute to. This is a huge proje t for you to oversee. You chose this and created this, so naturally you love it. Honestly you are the best-est mug swap cheerleader of all times. You took time out of your day every day to have something sweet to say about every mug .... TWICE! You rock, just sayin.

  24. Love this.
    So glad I didn't miss.
    Thanks for all of your hard work in putting this together to make people's days brighter!

  25. Oh, man! I'd love to be a part of this! How do I make that happen? So many cute bicycle mugs!