Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weekendlies: Happy Fall, Y'all

Lately I have kinda skimped on the blog posts. 
Summer has turned to fall. This weekend. Officially. And otherwise. 
Friday night, My sister had a fun little dinner to kick it off. I brought the ever elusive Macaron Prosecco, macarons (both birthday gifts from Ellen), pumpkin ale, and three fallen leaves. 

My sis made beef burginon and Sprinkles cupcakes. I want to go to a fall party every weekend.
She also gifted me with pumpkin spice scone mix and the cutest hedgehog measuring cups. Nothing says fall like spending Saturday mornings baking. 
After the scones, Mylie and I got a walk in as a storm started to brew. We made it home just as heavy raindrops began to plop on our heads. I reheated my coffee and we sat under the cover of the front porch and enjoyed the first rain of the season. 

And there was a girls night to the city to see Ben Rector & Tyrone Wells. At the Fillmore. And of course a little dinner and drinks around the corner before the show.

The Fillmore is quite possibly my favorite San Francisco venue. Mostly because there is so much history there. 
Both my parents grew up locally. I love thinking about the bands they saw there. (Or at the Fillmore West which was more their era).
Their equivalent of my Needtobreathe, Mat Kearney, Ben Rector.
I loved exploring the poster wall imagining which ones they were at.
Which, according to my dad was Santana, Paul Butterfield, It's a Beautiful Day,Quicksilver, Jefferson Airplane and more he can't remember.

This week I have been staying at my parents while they explore New England in the fall. Trying hard not to be jealous. 
But in the mean time, Smiles and I are enjoying some gorgeous sunrises and walks with a view. 

Sunday afternoon involved quite a few snuggles with this little miss. I really like her. I am hoping its mutual. 
Smiles and I rounded off the weekend with another afternoon walk. The views aren't too shabby either.

And now the weekend is over, and fall has officially begun. 

Happy Fall, Y'all.



  2. I always love your pics....and that mug. I almost bought I have to get it!!

  3. Love your Starbucks mug! Is it a new one they have out now?

  4. Love your update. I really want to snuggle with that cutie pie too!

  5. Seriously these are the best fall pictures ever! The first one is awesome! As are the cupcakes. And the baby. Fine, the whole thing! Happy fall. :)