Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer isn't over just yet...

For most of us.
But for Margaret, this weekend was her last hurrah.

It involved the beach.
A lot of sand.
A really cute schnoodle.
And a little bit of sea glass.

We'll miss you Marge!
It was a fun summer full of adventures.

Enjoy your the next "season."
Full of girls who will need you to show them how to have a  good adventure.
You are pretty good at it.
Enjoy being the cruise director of fun RA of Awesomeness!

And be sure not to let them sass you too much. 
Not that you would know anything about that...

Linking up a lovely summer adventure with Heather:

And that sandy face with Darcy:
Sweet Shot Day


  1. adorable photos. what a treat to say farewell to a friend with such a fun day! xo

  2. I want to go to ritzy places! waaaaa! ok, back to reality. Cute dog!

  3. i want to put my toes in the sand.

  4. did the cross stitching really make the cut? love the pics! especially mylie's sandy face. too cute!

  5. I just love you blog, girlie! Cute fonts. I love the sandy face pic!

  6. Love your pics and your creativity!...just makes me that much more ready for the beach this weekend! ~squeal~ I can't wait!!

  7. OOOh, what is that ritzy place? It's gorgeous! The schnoodle (sp??) is cute too!

  8. You three girls had some fun summer adventures!!
    Sand in your toes is the best.
    {looks like mylie agrees?}


  9. What a darling, darling puppy! I love your styling with the frames and captions. Cute!