Thursday, August 4, 2011

InstaFriday: Desert Edition!

Good Evening Amigos!
That is what they say down in the Southwest.

Just kidding.
I made that up.

But in just a few hours I'm flying on Southwest.
To the Southwest.

Except, technically, it's more like flying South. And East.

But, you get the picture.

Off to Arizona for a weekend getaway with the sis.

We may or may not be drinking Pina Coladas, eating hot dogs, and floating in the pool.
It will be 110* after all.

And we may be eating the worlds best tortilla chips for dinner every night.

Yep. Just the tortilla chips.
We learned our lesson last year when we ended up taking our entire meals back to our room.
Because we had tortilla chips for dinner.

They are FLOUR tortilla chips. I can't even describe them.
I will try to bring back some pictures.

For now, I leave you with the earlier part of my week....

TJ's makes this Spinach Pie.
It's actually pretty good for you.
So I bought it a few months ago. And it sat in my freezer.
But I needed some dinner. And my brain is dreaming of the Mediterranean sea (T-Minus less than 1 month).
It sold me at Mediterranean Fare.
And it is actually REALLY good.

I invited this snugglebun over for a slumber party.
She gets really mellow when its just her and I.
Its like she can be herself.
She doesn't have to host or entertain anybody.
So she just lumps around a bit.
I think she is pretty dang cute.

The next morning, we picked up Margaret for a beach day.
Margaret went inside and ordered, while we sat outside.
Somebody, REALLY wanted a House Mocha of her own...

We finished our adventure with hot dogs and diet cokes.
Yellow mustard and onions.
Do it.
You're welcome.

I try REALLY hard not to be THAT person at Starbucks.
But....I am. But only on Sundays.
No excuse really.
As evidenced here.

Half the fun of prepping for vacay is shopping for new duds.
I have been contemplating getting a pair of Salties.
My mom used to get them for us when we were kids.
I had pink ones.
And then Nat the Fat Rat posted about them.
And I had to have RED.
Aren't they lovely?

On Tuesday, I really needed a butterscotch pop.
And iced chai.
I put out a twitter call.
Jamie and Ellen are rockstars, and responded within 30 minutes.
They have the spiritual gift of bringing people treats at work.
And yes, that is a dog treat container.
If it comes with scotch pops, I will roll with it.

And finally, Wednesday night.
CommUNITY groups.
The creativity was flowing.
I may have been cross-stitching in the "overflow room".
It actually helps me concentrate on the discussion.
But there was another cutie in the overflow room.
And so we started playing a bit.
And her artsy side started to come out.
I let her tattoo my feet.
With a ball point pen.
Oddly fun?
Yes, and yes.

Don't worry, it came right off in the shower.

And, last thing...
be sure you
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  1. looks like you had a fun week. I heart Starbucks and shopping for new clothes to wear on a fun vaycay! have a fantastic time!

  2. The weekend you are about to have sounds AH-MAZING! I'm just a wee bit jealous I might add! Enjoy!

  3. LOL love the tattoo!! I did starbucks this week too! :)

  4. Look at your feet! That girl was goin' to town on them! Oh man, starbucks sounds goooood, and so do freshly warm tortilla chips... but I can't think about food too much cuz I'm trying to lose some weight! Have fun on your trip, sounds like fun!

  5. You made me laugh reading so cute, Salties real cute, the dog even cuter...LOL :)

  6. You crack me up, Kim! Love those pen covered feet. Love the salties. Love that you're going to have some fun time with your sis!!!

  7. have fun in arizona!

    you need relish on that dog (not the white fluffy one, the edible one).
    jealous of your inkwork.
    and you need a sbux name, then it won't matter if your "that person."

    i have an sbux name... (this post is from a weekend trip with a blog friend turned real friend. we met up in portland)

  8. Super fun week! Have fun in AZ with your sis! You should have her guest post some of your mom's texts to her... hahaha....
    Have even MORE fun on the Mediterranean! I went last fall and it was so amazing that I didn't care that it was "off-season". (I don't care for summer, anyway!) :)

  9. look at you #1 linky party overachiever. come home now. thanks.

  10. have fun this weekend!!
    awesome feet tattoos:)

    can't wait for monday!! WOOHOO! xo

  11. I'm loving the shoes! Lovely, lovely photos you have.


    jeands (

  12. have those shoes! how fun are you with the ball point pen tattoo action.