Friday, August 19, 2011

InstaFriday: Babysitter on Duty Edition

This had a lot of fun activities...

I kicked off my weekend at my favorite coffee shop...I made sure to walk there - not only to save quarters on parking, but also because I'd be having an almond croissant. They cancel each other out you see.

I worked on bloggy stuff a bit (including mug swap assignments, woot!), brought some three journals, and ended up being there long enough to have lunch as well.

Not really a problem.

Later that day I had Thai food with my BFF Julie who was in town from LA. We hit up Thaiger Thai - and got take out. They don't have the most comfy dine in place, but they sure love their bright colors.

Jules and I don't get to see each other except a couple of times a year, but there is something about sitting on the couch talking about grown up stuff with the friend that you have had since you were 8 years old and dreaming of being a grown up.

Sunday Morning we had Church, followed by a graduation/going away celebration for Claire - who is headed off to The Master's College. Her mom makes some mean crock pot dishes. I think they rock.
Which basically means it's technically a Rockpot.

And how fun is it? I love when that thing pops up on the hospitality table. You know it's gonna be a good day.

Also, I got to hold Hayden for the first time since she was brought home.
Girl is way too popular.

Sunday Afternoon there was no Chipotle Sunday, and the Johnson's needed a sitter...

Kayla convinced me to bake cookies with her...which didn't really take much convincing.
But once we started to roll out the dough and realized there was a lot more crumbling and not much rolling going on - she ditched me for My Little Pony. Pinky Pie and Verity are way cooler than a frustrated babysitter pastry chef.

I was able to salvage about 12 cookies...and Rainbow Dash was toast. I got my audience back.
We also had popsicles. And somebody ended up with blue lips and a red popsicle nose.

Monday morning....Starbucks was necessary. Venti. With my super adorable coffee sleeve made by Marie. She has a super cute shop. Chickety check it out.

At Lunch, I ran errands, and checked out Hope Church's PO Box.
We got a postcard from Gospel for Asia.
(One Sunday a month, Hope Church forgoes coffee and treats, and instead uses that money - as well as anything else collected, to go towards building a Jesus well. It is awesome.)
They said they are praying for ME.
How crazy convicting is that?
Also, they use rugged vehicles on the mission field.
Which totally validates Betsy Jim Elliot's philosophy that it is important to be rugged for the mission field.

Um on Wednesday, I tweeted about how I get kinda mad when The Pioneer Woman doesn't pick my favorite photo as the winner in her contests.

She tweeted me back.

No. Big. Deal.

And then, there was the overnight babysitting gig slumber party.
Before Kayla could give me her full agenda of items,
I told them I was going to take them to visit Mylie and Chloe.
Ashlyn doesn't seem to love dogs like Kayla and I do.
But girl probably said Mylie's name 237 times in the short 6 minute drive to my parents.

These girls accomplished a lot in the hour and a half we were there.
Ashlyn thoroughly enjoyed telling Mylie what to do.
And discovered my old Pound Puppies - which I think is helping her inner dog lover come out.
Kayla conducted a cute-ciƱera - which I highly suspect is something she learned on My Little Pony.
Apparently Chloe has lost for 5 years straight - because she is too shy.
Mylie has won 12 years in a row (even though she is only 6).
The squirrel line up was part of Mylie's obedience contest.

It's amazing what a little make believe can do.

The girls were sufficiently worn out.
And we all were in bed at a reasonable time.
KK insisted that I join her in her room, and even made the bed while I was getting ready, including her build-a-bear teddy for me to snuggle with.

I may have melted.

We may have also slept with GiGi, Thunder, and 27 Berenstein Bears books...

And then at a not so reasonable time - I woke up to a VERY cute, but VERY awake 4 year old in my face.
I took care of what she wanted, and then tried to go back to sleep.

Until said cute 4 year old (who may also be deaf and not so bothered by loud obnoxious toys) was playing with her noise-making toys at 5 am.

Noisemaking toys were put away and replaced with the oh-so-silent book.
Berenstein Bears of course.

And as I was about to go to back to bed (except a different bed, because the 8 year old's limbs were now flailed all over where I was sleeping), I was informed of all of the activities that would take place upon my departure.

Including Grandma CC coming over in the morning and giving her candy.

(I believe she was trying to get rid of me ASAP,
 after all I only gave her a cute dog to play with. 
This girl wants CANDY)

So, in summary,
a fun week.
Lot's of babysitting.
For kids who love my puppy.
And make waking up at 4:45am kinda fun.
And coffee.
A lot of coffee.

And remember when the Pioneer Woman tweeted me?
We are BF4L - After all, we go way back...
to February...
Still waiting for that Ranch invite, Ree.

Linking up with Jeannett. As always :)

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  1. KIM! What a fun week!! Ashy kills me with the candy sign, love that you caught her on camera.
    Also love that the GFA sent you a post card... hope you write back and let Troy know he can bring his rugged vehicle to Hope any time! ;)
    I want Pam to give me rockpot lessons because she is a RockStar!!! #FACT
    Have a good day friend!!

  2. gospel for asia=most convicting ministry of life. for reals, they get it done!
    also, gonna try out your coffee shop today! starbucks is overrated.

  3. Ok. your posts get funnier all the time..your cracking me up. Pioneer Woman dealy is too funny. And yay for you for babysitting...coming from someone who loves babysitters on the rare occasions we get's such a blessing to the couple. :)

  4. Looks like a fun week! Such a funny post Kim!

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  6. gaaaah ... i pressed delete and then enter without even trying .i dont even know how that happened.... lets try this again.
    the ashy picture KILLLLS ME. haha and p.s. super cute journals! i want one! :)

  7. you. kill. me. seriously. this made me laugh ALOT. thanks for being an awesome slumber party coordinator. we owe you BIG. or maybe we're even? holler!!!!! ;)

  8. This week could be on Best Week Ever cause its pretty funny. Ooh pound puppies I always loved those and they go very well with MLP.

  9. Too funny that you got ditched for My Little Pony!

  10. That does sound like a fun, crazy, busy week! Your church looks like an awesome place to fellowship! Oh man, the Berenstein Bears take me back, love those books! I need to catch up on your blog and figure out what the mug swap is. I haven't been reading a lot of posts lately because I've been pretty sick. Have a great weekend!

  11. cute journals.
    love the coffee cuff;)
    also, would you come babysit us?
    we need your brand of fun in our lives. pronto.


  12. oh and HOLLA for the pw tweet. fun city.

  13. Thus was such fun to read. What a wonderful week. I love all the food.

  14. "rock-pot" i'm totally going to recycle that word (i'll give you credit). probably this week because my crock-pot died and i NEED to get a new one or my family is not going to eat.

    i have never had thai food...or sonic.

    i have had a b.f. named julie since i was in 7th grade.

    cute p.p. journal! where'd you get that? :-)

    i WILL mail my cup this week. i WILL! (btw- i took it with me to SLO and never found my way to a post office).

    i have 3 awesome kids you can kidsit. josie (our resident chef) will not tire of baking.

  15. PW tweeted big deal?!
    I think I would've pass out.
    Would have loved to have seen your face!!!!!