Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oppressed in Arizona

Only four days ago I was lounging in the oppressive dry heat of the Arizona desert.

I say oppressive like it's a bad thing.

It is the best kind of oppression there is.

I am FORCED to take a dip in the pool.

I am FORCED to go inside and relax in the cranking air conditioning.

I am FORCED to sip a pina colada at the swim up bar.

See what I mean?

My Carry-On. Complete with apples, watermelon and strawberries.

SkyMall. Offers the latest accessories for biker gangs.

First lunch. Poolside. Pina Coladas and the biggest hot dogs of life.

All day. Every day. It was as awesome as it looks.
Dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant in the world, Aunt Chilada's. (Say it out loud)
Yep, the WORLD.
If you follow me on twitter.
Or have hung out with me in the past two weeks.
I haven't stopped talking about these tortilla chips.
I love you, Arizona.
They lived up to the hype.
1. Fun + Food 2. Following the Chili's 3. FOOD 4. FUN 5. Following the Chili's Home

Tweeted about it being my 2 Year Gall-Bladder-I-Versary got me this spammy reply...too funny.
Riding in a CLASSY white town car to the mall. Our chauffer was trying to appease our music taste, playing I Like Big Butts. I think he nailed it.

And then back to the hotel. And pool. And yes, I need that many towels. Deal with it.
Looking straight up from my lounge chair. And vowing to never leave.

You know we bought the souvenir boot glasses.
The sky on our last night. It's a wonder I actually came home.
How cute are these two? Hanging at the gate.

Boarding to come home. Flight 828. Um, my birthday flight #, SO FUN!

And, HOME. Arizona may have Chili's, but San Franciscans love their dogs. Worth returning home for. Paw prints leading out of baggage claim...
...and straight to the Schnuttle which picked us up - including mom, dad, the Schnoodle, and the Bichon. It was a full car.

So sad to leave the oppression behind. I am pretty sure next year is already in the books....

PS: Still time to sign up for the mug-swap!


  1. wowza.
    what a fabulous trip.
    and with your sister-sister time is the best!!
    i need many towels, too. deal with it.

    i hope patrick and i can be cute in our wheelchairs at the gate when we are ninety.

    maybe we could all meet up in arizona? the hotel looks just my steez. i googled it when you tweeted about it. deal with it.

    also, i am having lots of fun making you deal with things.

  2. next year i am coming, too. deal with it.

  3. Your trip looks awesome! The food, fun, and photos really make me want to go there.

  4. i would have NEVER chosen to go to arizona...until NOW! what a great trip you had!

    you and your sister do look a lot alike.

    you like chilis that much? guiltless chicken platter for me every single time.

    make room for jessica and me next year. :-0

  5. OK now. That's the kind of oppression I can get on board with! ;)

    Heat + pool = vacation

    Heat + daily life = major PITA

    Looks like you and sis had a faboo time. Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks like a blast. I have a cousin Wickenburg AZ (Just planted a church down there).I may have to break down and visit!!

    I took my first flight this summer and can't wait to do it again!!

  7. Sounds like an amazing trip! Who would have thought, Arizona??

  8. So fun! The Steiger Tigers want in for next years trip! Aunt Chilada's is an awesome name... FACT! Thanks for sharing the awesomeness that is AZ :-)

  9. I just stumbled across your blog via Annika's blog and I'm glad I did. I love Mexican food, so I try to make my own version of it, minus the cilantro as I can't get that here in s. italy. It gets quite hot down I can imagine how you feel. Although, air conditioning and swimming pools are not common here. Thanks for sharing the fun photos.

  10. az heat and tx heat are the pits, pool or no pool. the gram and gramps are awesome.