Friday, August 12, 2011

Insta Friday: Let's Make this Quick Edition

Only a few Insta's this week...because most of the pics I took using my phone I used on this post recapping my fun in the sun over the head over HERE if you want some more Insta-Action.

But for now...

I have been lazy with laundry.
And hanging up my clothes.
My closet was down to bare bones.
After I got home Monday night I fixed the problem.
My wardrobe is settled back in now.

I love wearing this shirt around the house.
If you don't recognize him, that is Pastor John Piper on my shirt.
It's totally normal to me.
All my friends have the same shirt.
But then, I take Mylie for a walk and when I look in the mirror I's just kinda weird.

Speaking of Mylie.
She slumbered over the night I got back from Arizona.
And that was basically all she did.

A friend gave me a handful of tea.
Orange Pekoe.
Totally my favorite.
Simple. Classic. Delicious.
Kind of excited for my quiet time and cuppa this morning.


Thanks for popping in!

PS: 25 People have signed up for the Mug Swap - I think it is a hit! There are still a couple more days left to sign up - you know you want to!!

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  1. 25!!! That is AWESOMES!!!!

    It's a beautiful morning here in Pittsburgh!! Can't wait to have another with my new mug in a few weeks.
    I'm going to see Hillsong tonight so it's gonna be a great day!!


  2. "Hi. My name is Kim and I like to watch your grandkids on YouTube." It's my favorite story in all of life. I laughed again just thinking about it.

  3. i love john piper! his book the pleasures of God is a favorite of mine.

  4. Love twinings tea, simply delicious!
    Happy friday!

  5. I'm in for the cup swapping, tell me what I need to do.

  6. whoa. i just had a panic attack, thought i forgot the R in shirt. whew.
    i need more coffee.

  7. I'm allllllllllllways lazy with laundry.

    And I'm laughing my butt off at Hannah's comment.

  8. So excited the mug swap is such a hit! :) I think I found a winner, will pick it up this week. Can't wait...
    Mylie is the cutest thing ever, next to the pink JP shirt! haha!! :)

  9. I love John Piper!
    And I love Hannah's second comment
    almost as much.


  10. How wonderful to have great tea and clean clothes!

  11. piper is rad. hannah almost made me pee my pants.