Thursday, August 4, 2011

Texts from My Mother: Email Edition

So, as you may have seen in THIS POST, my mother and technology is kind of an awesome combo.

She has refused to have a personal email address for EVER. But I got her one anyway, for times she would need it. And set it up to forward to my account so she didn't have to check it.

But one day she got inspired to crossover into the murky waters of G-Mail.

And let me just say, her typing skills on a computer are pretty much the same as on her basic cell phone.


Here is the first email I ever got from my mom.
She figured out how to do it all by herself.
I was like, BEYOND impressed.

 I had just MET the Pioneer Woman and was showing her the pictures and explaining to her that you can win a trip to her ranch. She was rooting for me to be picked.

Then mom decided to get a little more chatty on the emails...entertaining to say the least.

She is a nurse, uses military time, and offered a few get well soon tips to me as I was fighting some kind  of cold.

Then, she wanted to get fancy...

 I sent her some encouraging words...but she assured me this whole email as a regular thing wasn't going to be taking off any time soon....

And I like this last one, because she calls my MacBook a PowerBook (A for effort).
And asks a gagillion questions. But you know she doesn't check the email, so answering all of them was kind of irrelevant. Ha!

 I don't really receive emails from my mom any more...I think that ship has sailed.
But the texts definitely roll in...

More on those later! :)


  1. Oh Kim, you and your mom just made my day! I am such a fan of your mom! :-D Happy day today!

  2. ok, my stomach hurts from laughing. i started a small chuckle and elijah started to copy (mock?) me. between his fake laughing and finishing this post i am dying.
    your mom is a champ. seriously.

    zi love you.

  3. I live for these posts. I miss your mom. So fun

  4. This is pretty much the funniest thing ever.
    I love it!!!


  5. Rolling! I love that including a "Subject" is too complicated for her. She gets a A for effort for everything in my book!

  6. Haha.. that is just great. My mom is great at emails, but she CANNOT work a computer in any other way. She is like a little lost puppy, it is precious.

  7. I think I love your mom almost as much as I love my own! lol... She's great.

  8. I think your mom and my mom are related. Too funny!

  9. But does she read your blog?
    She probably has her own. You just don't know about it.

  10. oh vey, is her name yolanda? cuz she is a dead ringer for my mamasita. girlfriend knows zero about technology even though my dad jumped on the tech conga line in the beginning. your mom is cute!