Monday, August 29, 2011

Hola! From Spain!!

Hola Amigos!

Hoy, yo estoy en Espana!
How's that for five years of Spanish!? I'm not even sure if I am using the verbs correctly - but WHATEVS. Most of you probably don't care!

So - get this, I am 30.
I am in Barcelona.
And I am on a bicycle.

(Technically, I am 29 and writing this, a full month in advance...NERDALERT) - but you get the point!

I thought I'd let you know what I'm up to while across the world today!

Also technically, by the time this posts, I have probably already ridden a bike through the streets of Barcie-Pants. (Copycatting that city nickname from Reagan. Because I love it).

So right now, I'm probably off spending way too many Euros (remember, I forget how to convert...and it does not work in my favor), drinking a coffee in a cafe, and about to begin my Med-Sea adventure. Ship leaves TONIGHT.

I can't really tell you how things are going - because, remember, I'm not there yet when I'm writing?  But, let's just pretend things are AWESOME. That the flight was fabulous, accommodations are nothing but luxurious, and the food is delicious. I'm totally not jetlagged, and totally not exhausted.

Hey a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, a little fun for you...ready?
Today, while I'm exploring Barcie, you all can see my adventures from a year ago TODAY.
When I was in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Yep. I know. I really do. I am a lucky girl.

My biggest regret from Denmark? Not renting a bike. Seriously. If you go to Copenhagen. Walk. Or bike. Do NOT go on any bus tours. Including the Ho-Ho's (hop on, hop off).
We started our tour on foot.
Found the castle.
They have a real live queen in Denmark.
Had breakfast along their famous canal.
Ate the most expensive croissant of my life.
They put them on the table, like "hey free bread"
But they are not free.
Lesson learned.
But the Danes bike EVERY WHERE.
There are HUGE bike parking lots.
The cars and buses can hardly get around.
Copenhagen is a 2 wheeled city.

So, like I said, lesson learned, and today I'm biking Barcie with my dad. Hopefully the Spanish feel the same way as the Danes about biking and it was a worthy adventure.

And that I can find some flan.
And a Cafe Ole (yes, I know it's spelled Au Lait) - which sounds french, but was the name of the character on Strawberry Shortcake from Mexi-cocoa. Um, which basically means NOTHING, because I am in Spain.

(click for larger)

Tomorrow...Monte Carlo!


  1. wowza! livin' the high life in barcie. AWESOME!

  2. Happy 30th Birthday!!! What an amazing way to celebrate!! I hope it is a super blessed time! I have a super sweet bike... her name is Brigitta and I pretend that she is European. She would fit right into your adventures! :)

  3. How AWESOME that you do this yearly traveling thing with your parents!!!

  4. barcie pants. no you didn't. can't stand it. i think my great gma is from barcie pants. seriously.