Monday, August 8, 2011

Cuppa Kim's Blogiversary Mug Swap-a-roo (and mini-giveaway)!!


Guess what!?
I have been blogging for almost ONE FULL YEAR over here on

A Cuppa Kim.

Wootie to the Woot Woot!


I was trying to figure out something fun to do in celebration.
So, the wheels started turning...

And I came up with the idea of doing a...

What is a Mug Swap you ask?

It is simple. I promise.

It is what it sounds like.

First, you email me - (or leave a comment on this post, just make sure your email address is enabled) letting me know that you want in.
If you email, be sure to give me your mailing address.
If you comment, I will reply, and ask you to provide me your address. (don't leave your address in a comment).

Then, you wait. And once the sign ups close (Last Day to Sign Up, 2:00PM PST on Sunday, August 14), you will get an email from me (at some point on August 15th) stating who you are sending a mug to, and their address!

So, what you need to do now is go pick out a mug - any kind - from anywhere - it can be new, it can be vintage, it can be something you had stored in your closet for the last eight years - just maybe not a crusty one that you found sitting around your house filled with mold (not that that has ever happened to me).

A few suggestions of places to find fun mugs are Cost Plus, Anthropologie, Target, Starbucks, heck, even the Dollar Tree or a thrift store. I would say try not to spend more than $10-$15 - but you can DEFINITELY spend less.

But the important thing is, just pick something YOU would like to receive.
Something FUN. CUTE. CLEVER. PRETTY. FUNKY. Whatever your little heart desires.

And then, before August 23rd, THE BLOGIVERSARY, you mail that mug to your assigned mug buddy!
And in the mean time, somebody else will be sending YOU one!

See how that works?
Fun, yes?
I hope so.

This is one of those things that is the more, the merrier! So please, let others know that you are participating in A Cuppa Kim's Blogiversary Mug Swap! Here is a cute little button to let people know that you are getting muggy with it!

I am excited to see what kind of fun mugs you give and receive! And, after is all said and done, if you want, send me a picture of your mug (given, or received, or both), I'd love to share a post of how this turns out!

And yes, you can participate if you don't have a blog. And yes, any kind of mug works - coffee mug, teacup, traveler mug. The rules here are kinda loosey goosey.

AND NOW, here is where it gets really SPICY!
And by spicy, I mean FUN.


Everyone who participates in the swap will be entered to win a little gift pack from yours truly, including a $15 Starbucks Gift Card, Assorted Teas, an ADORABLE Tea Towel in the same print as the mug up top, and a few more to be determined items - so, one of you will be getting some stuff to FILL their mug with! I will announce the winner of the prize pack on August 23rd!

Do you want an extra entry? Okay. Tweet about the swap. Post the button on your blog. Or BLOG about the swap. You get one entry for each of those. You know you wanna post the button, it's freaking CUTE.

I hope this is as fun for you as I think it would be for me! Nobody is obligated to participate. But it definitely will make my heart happy if you do. Just something fun. For the sake of doing something fun. Got it?

Let me know you want in.
Find a mug to swap.
Tell others about the swap.
Get an email from me with your recipients info.
Mail your mug.
Receive a mug.
Brew yourself a cuppa tea or a cuppa joe.

Happy Blogiversary Little Blog!!!


  1. I'm in!!! I am so excited and actually already have the perfect mug sitting in my closet waiting for a new home. I bought 2 a few years ago and only used one. Great idea and happy blogiversary!!

  2. Awesome, Kim! This is SUCH a fantastic idea! I might steal this idea of a swap at some point. Brilliant!

    I'll email you my address, and if I can figure out how to use the button on my blog, I totally will. I'm so excited! :-D

  3. ready to get my mug on!

    happy 'versary.

  4. I LOVE this!! I have a little collection of mugs.. so this is right up my alley..:)

  5. you are so cute!! i love this too because i also have a collection of unique mugs :) thanks for hosting something so fun. oh happy day!!

  6. I'm in! This is such a fun idea!!! I'll e-mail you my address now...

  7. oh you know i'm in! and i think you know my email.

  8. i wanna get mugged! sign me up.

    "i love coffee, i love tea, i love my java jive and it loves me, coffee and tea, and my java and me, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, ah."

    if you dont' know the song then that was just silly, and you should listen to it (java jive manhatten transfer).

  9. HOW FUN!!! I would love to participate! My email address is

    Love your blog by the way! :)

  10. This is so fun! I so want to join in!

  11. I'm in. I love mugs! I'm really bad at mailing stuff though, so I might need a reminder.. I also retweeted the swap :)

  12. I am totally in! How fun is this! my email is linked.

  13. Love this! It's soooo fun!
    I'm totally in!

    Happy blogiversary! :)

  14. Hi! I came over here from Happy Days particularly to check your mug swap out (LURVE mugs!) and now I madly want to participate! Will post about this on my blog! :o) Your blog is great, by the way, you seem to be such a positive person!

  15. I want to play! I love swaps, and to do a swap in honor of you and your bliggity blog...AWWWWWESOOOOOOME!

  16. i am so glad i am not too late!

    its been a nutty two weeks and i am WAY behind on my blog reading.
    right now i need to cleaning while the little play but just doing a quick view of google reader first :o)

    i am totally in... so fun!

    happy blogiversary

  17. You've got my info and I am in like flynn extra shrimp and an aside of love you!!!